Monday, October 31, 2011


Last week we had the most amazing weather! I was convinced there was a hurricane because we get the best weather if there is a hurricane somewhere "nearby". 

This was the control in my car - I have NEVER had it set this high since living here! Brrr...

Do you see where the little notch-thingy is???? Yep, that's almost in the red!!! Even now, I am sitting in sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt. 

Wonder what is going to happen when I go to the states for Christmas???? Yikes! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

School Supplies

As a teacher, you see the good, the bad, and the interesting when it comes to school supplies. Sometimes, I wonder what companies were thinking in marketing certain items as an actual school supply. 

Case in point - this past week I had a student ask to smell a certain glue stick (we were having a class auction for lost and found items using the class money). This is what he said, 
"Can I smell that glue stick? I know the smell of my glue stick."

For real? Yes, it's true. Students can now identify personal glue sticks by scent. 

This next one, I took a photo of during science class. I saw a student smell a recent project on the layers of the earth. While watching, I thought, "Why in the world is his nose on the paper? I know that I did not splurge on scented paper." So I asked him. 

Reply: "I love the way these markers smell!" Great - glue and markers. Who thought scented glue and markers were good items to sell to children? 

If nothing else, they make me laugh with what they say! 

Another quote from the week: 
"I have a prayer request. Yesterday I twisted my uncle."
I look at student completely confused and repeat back, "You twisted your uncle?" 

Student: "Yes." 
Me: "um, ok. Wait! Do you mean you twisted your ANKLE?" 
Student: "Oh, yeah, ankle" 

Well, at least we added to the vocabulary for the day! So funny! 

Pumpkin Day

My 4th grade class meets once a week with the K4 class to be a reading buddy to the little ones. For my students, it is the highlight of their week! They love seeing their little buddies on the playground, in class, and all over school. 

This past Friday, the K4 class was celebrating Pumpkin Day and my class traveled to the stations with them and enjoyed helping with lots of activities! 

My group was in charge of making pumpkin pudding and then eating it on Maria Cookies. 
We talked about each ingredient (because I quickly learned with the first group that I needed to stretch out the time!). Then we started mixing it all together. 
Then came the favorite part - squishing it all up in baggies! Some were a little over-enthusiastic and then we experienced squirting pumpkin pudding! 

 With each group, I asked them if they knew what the box containing pudding was. One of my students, looked at the box and said, "artificial flavoring". I died laughing and then he said, "look, it says it right there on the box." So I took a picture. 
 During the first group, I didn't stretch out the time enough. So I was wracking my brain trying to think of something to keep 4 K4 students occupied with their big buddies. So I made up a song with motions. 

So, if you would like to learn my song, it goes like this, 
(Sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot") 
I'm a little pumpkin, short and round
Here are my sides and here is my stem (hands on top of head, when you get to stem, point your hands up)
When I get all grown up, then I'll shout
Split me open and scoop me out (on split, pull your arms away from your head and bring down slowly like you are opening) 

I'm thinking about publishing it! :) Just kidding. 

That was the fun adventure of Pumpkin Day 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morning "Guests"

This morning as I was getting ready and going to school, I "met" two new guests, not necessarily welcome guests. 

The first was as I was getting ready for school. I was in my little bathroom and as I glanced up at the mirror, I noticed something dark on the wall that is reflected in the mirror. I did a double-take and yes, it was as I feared....big daddy. For those of you not familiar with the lingo, ginormous roach (I just recently learned that ginormous is a real word and in the dictionary - very exciting!!!). Anyway, back to the roach. 

I carefully weighed my death-to-roach options. 
Option 1: Preferred weapon, broom. However, my recent batting average have been slipping. So should I choose this option, I may risk big daddy's continued reign in my domain. 

Option 2: Raid. Not my preferred option as I always feel I may die from the fumes and thus have defeated the purpose of annihilating the roach. 

Option 3: Shoe. Not a first choice for reasons of proximity. I do not enjoy my hand is that near to big daddy's roaming antennae or to his quick racing legs. Bleh!!!! 

Option 4: Rolled up paper. I had no stack of tests or quizzes nearby for this option. 

I chose option 3. It has been many moons since using this weapon.  I bravely grabbed by sturdiest sneaker (shout out to Anne E. - I always think of her and the kiddos when I say the word sneaker), and walked over to the wall area. Would it work? Would big daddy sense his doom and jump onto my head and attach to my hair follicles and thus send me into shock and certain faintness? I raised the shoe over head and smashed it into the wall.  

Here is the result: 

Muah-haha!!!! I win! he looks much smaller in this photo than in real life or crawling on the wall. He is curled up in the photo too. 

 Leftover wall residue that will be anti-bacterially wiped off! Ew!!!! (This is why I don't prefer the shoe method because of the squirting goo of roachness. 

On the way out to the car, this little buddy was about to scavenge the garbage. 

He even posed for my picture. No, this is not a raccoon. It is a Coatimundi/gato solo
I'll have to take another picture sometime of the pointed snout! 

Those were the animal adventures of today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Just a Stack of Papers

Look at this picture...
What do you see?

It looks like a stack of papers in file folders. 
Oh, but it is so much more than that. 

Those papers represent 210 women that are coming to Bloom 2011: Beauty For Ashes. It is the annual women's retreat here in Panama hosted by Crossroads Bible Church. It represents 210 lives that are going to join together this weekend. These are people who come from all backgrounds - both followers of Christ and those who do not know Him. They represent languages, cultures, religions, countries, hurts, joys, woundedness, healing, hope, and despair. 

Would you pray for these women that are going to assemble this weekend in Gamboa? Would you pray for a moving of the Holy Spirit through Nancy Holcomb as she shares her story? Would you pray for lives to be changed, chains to be broken,  salvation to be seized, freedom to be found? 

This is more than a stack of papers; it is a stack of possibilities for the Kingdom.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gummy Bears

Warning: This post contains bathroom talk. If you are offended by such topics, you should probably skip this reading. This has been a public service announcement.
Several of the 5th grade girls love to come in and eat lunch with me. It is usually a hilarious and interesting time! I learn so many things and it helps me know how to pray for them more! :) 
So today at the end of our lunch time, I opened a bag of gummy bears a co-worker had given me! Now you need to know, I really enjoy gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy things! They remind me of childhood road trips, (and adult road trips), a special treat from the grocery store, and deliciousness! I was so excited to pull them out and was blessing the person who had given them to me as the bag opened to reveal their gummy, delight! 

One student walks up and says, "Do you know that if you eat the whole bag of those you will get diarrhea? It's true. It says so on the back of the bag!" 

First of all, I died laughing! Then I asked her, "There is really a warning label on the gummy bears for diarrhea??"

Well, of course now I had to look. Nope, I did not find a warning label - just the ingredients in Spanish, French, and English. 

So, sweet friends, the Trolli Classic Bears/Carmelos de Goma are safe for consumption and have no ill side effects (well, at least there is no warning label).

Stay tuned for a post about "Teacher Bling" tomorrow! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Model T's and 1980

So the other day in class we were reading the story "Coyote School News". 

This is the cover illustration and we were making predictions about the story. 
I was asking about the setting and time period. 
Some of the responses were, "Texas, desert, olden days." 
I then asked when this might have taken place. 
This was the response that made me bust out laughing! 
Yes, thank you, because I'm sure the year before I was born my parents were driving around in a Model T. 
It was hilarious!!!! 

Those are the moments you hold onto in order to make you smile!