Saturday, October 15, 2011

From thoughts to Blogs

For quite some time, I've had in my mind the idea to start a blog. So I guess the time has come and here we are. 

Today is my precious Grandma's birthday. She is my last living grandparent. 
Grandma is a darling woman whom I love dearly.She decided for her 80th birthday to throw a big shin-dig for herself and the fam is present to spend time with her! I miss being there terribly!!!

In the past few years, she has allowed/graced her grand girls by letting us learn from her wisdom and expertise in the areas of cooking and sewing. 
This was our first cooking school with Grandma 

She is a gem and has been so kind to teach us so much and love us so well!!!! 
Learning some mad sewing skills!! She is infinitely patient with us! 

This past summer, we had a family reunion. While many may scoff and want to escape such a time, our family greatly enjoyed our adventure together in the heart of Missouri! Grandma organized a cousin cook-off, providing many laughs, fun, and friendly competition! 
Grandma - I love you dearly!! You are such an example of love and dedication to your family! We are honored to have you as a precious part of our family!!!! 

Happy birthday! 

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