Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morning "Guests"

This morning as I was getting ready and going to school, I "met" two new guests, not necessarily welcome guests. 

The first was as I was getting ready for school. I was in my little bathroom and as I glanced up at the mirror, I noticed something dark on the wall that is reflected in the mirror. I did a double-take and yes, it was as I feared....big daddy. For those of you not familiar with the lingo, ginormous roach (I just recently learned that ginormous is a real word and in the dictionary - very exciting!!!). Anyway, back to the roach. 

I carefully weighed my death-to-roach options. 
Option 1: Preferred weapon, broom. However, my recent batting average have been slipping. So should I choose this option, I may risk big daddy's continued reign in my domain. 

Option 2: Raid. Not my preferred option as I always feel I may die from the fumes and thus have defeated the purpose of annihilating the roach. 

Option 3: Shoe. Not a first choice for reasons of proximity. I do not enjoy my hand is that near to big daddy's roaming antennae or to his quick racing legs. Bleh!!!! 

Option 4: Rolled up paper. I had no stack of tests or quizzes nearby for this option. 

I chose option 3. It has been many moons since using this weapon.  I bravely grabbed by sturdiest sneaker (shout out to Anne E. - I always think of her and the kiddos when I say the word sneaker), and walked over to the wall area. Would it work? Would big daddy sense his doom and jump onto my head and attach to my hair follicles and thus send me into shock and certain faintness? I raised the shoe over head and smashed it into the wall.  

Here is the result: 

Muah-haha!!!! I win! he looks much smaller in this photo than in real life or crawling on the wall. He is curled up in the photo too. 

 Leftover wall residue that will be anti-bacterially wiped off! Ew!!!! (This is why I don't prefer the shoe method because of the squirting goo of roachness. 

On the way out to the car, this little buddy was about to scavenge the garbage. 

He even posed for my picture. No, this is not a raccoon. It is a Coatimundi/gato solo
I'll have to take another picture sometime of the pointed snout! 

Those were the animal adventures of today!

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