Saturday, October 29, 2011

School Supplies

As a teacher, you see the good, the bad, and the interesting when it comes to school supplies. Sometimes, I wonder what companies were thinking in marketing certain items as an actual school supply. 

Case in point - this past week I had a student ask to smell a certain glue stick (we were having a class auction for lost and found items using the class money). This is what he said, 
"Can I smell that glue stick? I know the smell of my glue stick."

For real? Yes, it's true. Students can now identify personal glue sticks by scent. 

This next one, I took a photo of during science class. I saw a student smell a recent project on the layers of the earth. While watching, I thought, "Why in the world is his nose on the paper? I know that I did not splurge on scented paper." So I asked him. 

Reply: "I love the way these markers smell!" Great - glue and markers. Who thought scented glue and markers were good items to sell to children? 

If nothing else, they make me laugh with what they say! 

Another quote from the week: 
"I have a prayer request. Yesterday I twisted my uncle."
I look at student completely confused and repeat back, "You twisted your uncle?" 

Student: "Yes." 
Me: "um, ok. Wait! Do you mean you twisted your ANKLE?" 
Student: "Oh, yeah, ankle" 

Well, at least we added to the vocabulary for the day! So funny! 

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  1. Good thing his uncle didn't twist his ankle on a board! :)