Friday, November 25, 2011

"And I still remember, when 30 was old"

Does anyone remember those lyrics??? Can you name the song they come from? It was a personal favorite in high school. 

Being on this side of 30 doesn't seem so old anymore. :) 

My 30th birthday plans changed when sister announced the coming, long-awaited child. We had talked about doing a momma/daughter cruise, but those plans were put on hold with said baby. 

Some of my friends (Amber, Kara, and Jen) asked if I had plans and the "plan" was to go out to dinner on the evening of the big day. Now, just so you know, in Panama November 3 is a national holiday. However, due to some governmental changes and new requirements, we had school on that day for the first time in the years I have been here. So after the fair, I came home and collapsed so as to have coherent mental energy for hanging out with my dear friends that night. Little did I know how much I would need that energy! 

I had received an invitation from Amber two days before inviting me to dinner. It was WAY cute and I facebooked her about it, which people then thought I knew about the party. I definitely did not! 

Jen and Amber showed up at my house and told me to put on a blindfold. I obliged because I didn't know what they had decided for a restaurant. 

We drove and I knew exactly where we were. (This is because as a child, I would rest in the car and try to guess where we were based on the turns we made, how many speed bumps we had gone over - you know the usual - just in case I was ever kidnapped). At one point, I asked her, "Why are we driving around in circles?" Whoops! 

We ended up at Kara's entrance, but I wasn't for sure that's where we were until the guard wouldn't let us in. Then I knew, but Amber drove farther than Kara's house. We got out and I was thoroughly confused, especially when they told me to step up and I took a giant step (as if I was at Kara's) and it was small. Hilarious! We walked into the room and SURPRISE!!!! The place was FILLED with so many special people who are a HUGE Part of my life here! I couldn't believe it! 

The party was black and purple themed - two of my favorite colors. (And I just happened to be wearing a black shirt and purple shoes). 

The girls had set up a photo booth and people took such fun pictures. 

Kara made a ridiculously scrumptious black-tie mousse cake (my favorite from the Olive Garden). 

There was a basket of 30 "purple" presents that were hilarious and fun! 

The night finished with games! I LOVE playing games! It was such an amazing time of laughter, celebration, friendship, and sweet memories. 

The party planners probably didn't even know this, but I was so blessed with love from the Lord by means of my two strongest love languages.  The outpouring of so many hugs and sweet words that were an unbelievable encouragement to my heart! The Lord knew how those things alone would be an amazing gifts! 

Living here is a constant reminder of how sweet the body of Christ is. That night was one that will live on in my memory and the words spoken have continued to be a fragrant gift from the Holy Spirit. I love each one of you and am so thankful for the Lord's grace through you!

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  1. Deana Carter-- Strawberry Wine. This was one of my first CD's! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Looks like you had a great birthday! Can't wait to see you soon!