Thursday, November 24, 2011

Burt's Bees and Cheese

Don't you love how it rhymes???? I Love rhyming words! For real. 

So you never know what you are going to encounter when taking a typical trip to the store. 

I walked in and my eye immediately was drawn to this ginormous stand advertising Burt's Bees. 
(Side note: I have an admitted addiction to chapstick. As in, if I leave it at home, my lips are immediately dry and I try to make it. Yes, I know it is a problem. Also, my supply was getting low - low on Burt's Bees. Blistex is always a backup that I can find here). 

Back to the store, I nearly did the happy dance in knowing that Burt's Bees is right here in the store and I can replenish my supply!!! 
So as I approach the stand, there is a sweet young lady dressed in a bright yellow dress (think candy-striper dress, but yellow). She gives me a yellow flower and starts in on her whole Burt's Bees delivery in Spanish. It was very entertaining. I learned about pregnancy creams, baby creams, lotions for dry skin, and many other products. 
This was my flower from said lady. 
 My chapstick addiction is taken care of for now! 

I went on to get the actual items on my list (yes, I am a list shopper, otherwise I have no idea what to cook when I get home). 

First item scanned by the checker, fresh mozzarella in water (it's all they had). The sweet lady inspects it, swirls it around, and then asks me what you can use it for. 
I told her I was going to use this for pizza.
She and the bag boys proceed to chat about this cheese and are befuddled by this cheese in water going on pizza. 
Then she says, so I guess you can't eat this in pieces.
I told her no, it's quite delicious with sliced tomato and fresh basil and some olive oil. Again, the looks. If nothing else, now two options for using cheese in water are known. 

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