Monday, November 28, 2011

Redundant, but thankful

We've just come from probably my favorite holiday all year - Thanksgiving. I already blogged about Thanksgiving memories here Thanksgiving Memories.

At school on Wednesday, I was privileged to lead music for the elementary chapel. My heart so desperately wanted the students to enter into worship with songs of Thanksgiving and offerings of praise, but I was struggling in coming up with Thanksgiving-y type songs that would be easy to learn for one week. So I went with a Christmas favorite (although I think it can be used throughout the year!).

Just before singing this song, we looked at a few verses from Psalms where David begins repeatedly, "Give thank to the Lord, for His love endures forever." The Holy Spirit had been reminding me throughout the days leading up to chapel about where my heart would be if everything but Him is stripped away. Would I still be thankful? I shared those thoughts out loud with the kiddos.
Then we sang along with this music guiding us.

Little did I know how I would come to wrestle with this within hours. The time that morning in song was such a treat. I don't know about the kiddos, but I was so blessed by the Lord's presence during that time. Later on that morning, news was received about a heart-breaking event within our community. The thoughts from throughout the week came back to me time and time again - will you choose to be thankful?

The words of so many Psalms came back again. I love how the Lord led David to write his heart throughout the pages of Scripture - thankfulness to heartache to thankfulness again.

Do I still "give Him all the glory?"
Do I still say, "For You alone are worthy?"

By faith, Yes.
With thanksgiving, Yes.
With heartache, Yes.
With hope for the future, Yes.

"O, Come, Let us adore Him...Christ the Lord, the newborn King."

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