Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

I love Thanksgiving! It has always been one of my favorite holidays.
When I began college, I was so blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family in Illinois. Those are sweet memories of Aunt Pat's amazing homemade noodles, lots of people in a small space, listening to Grandpa play his music and tell stories, the constant laughter, the day-after-Thanksgiving on the other side of the family - so many sweet times. 
Such sweet memories that I cherish as most of my grandparents have gone to be with Jesus. 
Daddy with his siblings

Momma's side of the family (whew - we were young here 2004)

Our family - 2004
 This was Thanksgiving 2004 - wow, were we young! 
Sister - look at how light our hair is????

Because I once lived in the era of non-digital photos, there are not many from Thanksgivings during college. I can't find any family shots from 2005 - oh well! 

Since moving to Panama, my feelings have warmed towards Thanksgiving - literally! It has been years of firsts - no sweatshirts, no snow (Can you see the snow in the picture above??), no American football games or Thanksgiving Day Parades. However, it has been many wonderful firsts - Thanksgiving at the beach, shorts and tank tops, air conditioning, and so much more. The Lord has sweetly provided amazing memories each of these six Thanksgivings in Panama. 
Year 1 - I have no photo, but I remember being at the beach with a sweet family. 

Year 2 - At the beach again and I ran into some sweet kiddos from school. 
Year 3 - Rachel gets married (at the beach)! So much fun celebrating! 
Year 4 - Sister and her husband come to visit and guess what we do? Go to the beach, of course! 
Year 5 - Big group visit to Santa Catalina and visiting Jordan and Lindsay. So fun!!!

So what about this year? There is a massive group of sweet people who are my Panamanian family that will be gathering to celebrate together. Lord willing, we can get a HUGE group shot and I'll post that. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 

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