Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Strategies and the Waiting

Note: I am updating this because I nearly forgot a strategy!!!! 

Well Little Miss continues to play the I'm-not-coming-out-until-I-want game. Seriously! Come on, baby girl! I told her this morning she must be getting bored and should just come on out. 

Only 8 hours for her to make her debut if her parents are going to receive the tax deduction for this year. 

We have continued to have fun preparing, talking, laughing, and just living life together as we wait and wait and wait. 

The strategies have continued as well. They will be sprinkled in with other fun things going on around this place. 

Inducing Strategy #21 
Ben and Hannah walking with Ben's new magnetic flash light (gift from Grandma - thanks, Grandma!). Ben wants to use this in the delivery room as well in the case the doctor needs additional lighting. 
Hannah has been very kind in letting me use her car the past few days to run around. So I have also been her driver to and from work. So fun! 
 Inducing Strategy #22
This utilizes a previous strategy with massaging pressure points. Ben went to town on the massage element! Ben and Hannah's expressions crack me up! I told them it was good practice for the real birth! 
It then became my job to try and distract Hannah with the ipad. It didn't work so well. 
 This is probably my favorite picture from this time. 
The bags are all packed and waiting by Hannah and Ben's door. Come on, Little Miss!!! 
They say you learn something new all the time. (I don't know who "they" are, but here goes nothing). I have learned on this trip that right-handed and left-handed people hang up clothes differently. I knew there were significant differences in the kitchen, as my mom and I have constantly turned pots and spoons around to our way of being. BUT clothes hanging? Who knew? Apparently, right-handed folks hang the clothing so that the clothes face to the left. This is after massive amounts of research, namely the 47 different items hanging in baby's closet and the 913 items hanging in Ben and Hannah's closet. (Note: these are estimated numbers, not an exact answer). 
Inducing Strategy #23
I almost forgot this one because I don't have a picture to go with it. Ben made pancakes and bacon for us this morning. There were two hub-cap sized pancakes leftover. Ben wondered if slapping Hannah with them would induce labor. It doesn't. I so wish I would have had a picture of this because it was HILARIOUS!! Hannah and I kept on laughing and even now when we talk about it, we burst out laughing! * This sounds traumatic, but it was not. There was no intent of wife-beating happening at all!! 

Inducing strategy #23
Drive around and run errands while momma and tia are dressed in stripes. 
  Do you ever see billboards and wonder what people were thinking? I've seen this one since being here and finally got a picture today. I can't tell you how many of my friends who were getting married said to me, "Oh, Abby, how I wish I could have hot pink hair blowing straight up on my wedding day." (Insert sarcasm). 
 Whenever I am away from Panama, I am much more aware of Spanish ANYTHING around me. So I had to take a picture of this truck when we were running around.
 Inducing Strategy #24
Eating Chili's chips/salsa/ranch. This reminds me so much of growing up in Dallas. 
Inducing Strategy #25
Turning on the heat full blast to thaw out from the arctic like conditions of Chili's. 

Inducing Strategy #26
More neighborhood walking. It is GORGEOUS outside today!! It feels like spring. It's like a little gift from God as I love springtime and the lovely weather.  
First attempt: sun shining in Hannah's face. 
Second attempt: laughing at the first attempt
 And this, my friends, is why you should always carry a camera with you. You never know what you will see. I've never seen this on a car before. Congratulations, new retirees!  
 After making a pit stop back at the house, we left to walk again, this time without jackets! It is SO warm! (Not Panama warm, but spring-y warm). 
 Inducing Strategy #27
Helping Ben with his business things by doing data entry. 
Inducing Strategy #28
Take a nap to gear up with extra energy for the baby's arrival. Poor sister is so tired! She is so beautiful!!! Love that sister!

That's all for now. 
Oh, Happy last day of 2011. Where has the year gone??? 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Inducing Strategies

It's no secret that my darling baby sister is with child. The excitement level in the family is nearing out-of-control! We cannot wait to meet this little baby girl. 

As such, we have been trying a variety of strategies to encourage little miss to make her grand debut. So far, she has not listened nor heeded our attempts. But I am hopeful that she will eventually give in to our request and delight us with her arrival! 

Inducing Strategy #1 - 
Walk around the neighborhood 1 
Inducing Strategy #2 - 
Mexican food. I have no picture of us in the restaurant, but only of Hannah climbing down from the wall we went over to get to the restaurant. 

Inducing Strategy #3 - 
Talking to the baby. Most of the conversations go something like this, "Hello baby girl. This is Aunt Abby. Please come out and play with me. I can't wait to meet you. See, it's like this. I live pretty far away and really really want to meet you soon and hold you and spoil you rotten. Wouldn't you like to come and meet all of us?  Your momma and daddy are SUPER excited to meet you too. We have everything ready for you. Please come out and play. Hello in there? Are you listening to me?" And this can be  shortened version also! 

Inducing Strategy #4 - 
Rubbing Hannah's feet or pressure points as instructed per the internet. 

Inducing Strategy #5 - 
Organizing baby stuff and the baby's room. 
(Note: this is probably the MESSIEST I have ever seen a room in Hannah's domain! This is, of course, why we had to organize it). 

Inducing Strategy #6 - 
Walking the Greenway
(This was walk #2, thus the finger reminders)

Inducing Strategy #7 -
Bouncing on the exercise ball. 

Inducing Strategy #8 - 
Begging and pleading with her to come out and going to the doctor for an update. Only 1 cm. Come on out, baby girl! 

Inducing Strategy #9 - 
Shopping for ridiculously cute baby gear at Baby Gap. Little Miss, you now have a dress for next Christmas. 

Inducing Strategy #10 -
Chickfila lunch. 
(Can you see the adorable twin boys behind us??? So cute!)

Inducing Strategy #11 - 
Packing up the Christmas gear. 

Inducing Strategy #12 -
Walking again in the neighborhood. 

Inducing Strategy #13 - 
Taking advantage of expectant mother parking as long as possible. We feel good about it, now come on out! 

Inducing Strategy #14 - 
Buying cherry gummies for Sister. Hannah used to get these all the time when we were kids at the Weirs General Store. They now sell them in bags and she was craving them the other day. Wish granted! 

Inducing Strategy #15 - 
Washing the hubcaps. I think this is called nesting. Granted, they were SUPER dirty, but only my sister would want to wash just the hubcaps so they look nice. So funny! Here are before and after pictures. 

Inducing Strategy #16 - 
Hanging up Valentine's decorations. 

Inducing Strategy #17 - 
Eating spicy Thai food. 

Inducing Strategy #18 -
Setting up the baby corner of the living room. Hannah was frustrated with putting together the bassinet/changing table/napper part of the pack and play. I love instruction manuals (no, really, I do) and figured out how to put it together. SO fun! 

Inducing Strategy #19 - 
Eating a Chickfila kiddie cone. 

Inducing Strategy #20 - 
Going back to work, hoping the fun of the work environment will encourage Little Miss to make an appearance! 

That's all I have for now. If there are more, I will post them. 
Last night, I kept waking up imagining that I was hearing noises of Hannah and Ben gearing up for the hospital.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hilarious Welcome

We arrived at Hannah and Ben's late a week ago. We came in, hugged one another and started chatting around the kitchen island. The three of us care travelers were fading fast, but just before cashing it in for the night, Hannah exclaimed, "Sister, there is a gift that was in grandma's box that says you must open immediately." 

Well, of course all of curiosity was piqued. I went to the tree and found the envelope she was talking about. Sure enough, it said to be opened immediately. 
We then had a discussion if immediately meant right now or immediately on Christmas morning. We took the chance that it meant immediately, right now, post haste, etc. 
I opened the bulging envelope and stared for several seconds at the heading, unsure of what I was seeing. I then began reading the handwritten information and then it all began to make sense. Hilarious! 
It's an application to be a midwife in the state of Tennessee. My Aunt Lisa helped Grandma with this fun idea! 
My favorite part was the commentary throughout the application. 
Love Grandma's signature! So cute. 
Pretty sure I don't have the skills to be a midwife. I nearly lost it when one of my students impaled his knee with a rusty piece of metal. Whew! 

Just to clarify, I do put the coffee on the immigration forms, so it is totally legit! 

Aunt Lisa has been to visit me in Panama with Dana, so she knows the traffic deal. Fun times! 
I took a picture of the earrings I am wearing today, just to show you, Grandma and Aunt Lisa, that the large earring addiction lives on! Love it! 
I'm going to try and teach Little Miss the large earring way! 
Wahoo Team Jean!!! 

Artist??? This makes me laugh! My students laugh at my drawings, while trying to be encouraging! Hilarious! I drew the most frightening Santa at my small group Christmas party a few weeks ago. Yikes! 
So sweet!!!! That baby girl better hurry up!!! I am going crazy with the waiting. I keep watching Hannah and asking if she is in labor yet. I think she is going to kick me to the curb soon! 
So funny!!! 

Thanks, Grandma and Aunt Lisa, for the SUPER fun and hilarious gift! We'll definitely keep you posted on the baby goings-ons here!