Thursday, December 1, 2011

And this is one of the reasons I keep teaching...

Today was one of those days straight from the Lord's heart to mine - He knew I needed it! 

Let me backtrack just a little to set up today. Yesterday at 12:23 (7 minutes before dismissal), a student asked a deep and profound question about Christianity. I glared at the clock (a normal occurrence in my class) and told her to PLEASE let me answer it tomorrow (today). 

That, my friends, was the Holy Spirit. This morning as I was getting ready, her question kept coming back to my mind and I was asking the Lord to clearly guide me in how to respond as her question is somewhat controversial with our class audience. He clearly spoke to me about leading this discussion right back to His Word and letting Him speak, not me.

During elementary devotions this morning, the repeated theme of our prayer time was for the Lord to show us that He is working. (For those of you not in the teaching realm, this can often be the "burnout" time of year when things are so busy, kids and teachers are ready for the break, schedules are crazy, and it seems as though you have failed as a teacher - I'm speaking for myself!). So we were just asking the Lord to be known in our rooms and to remind of us of what He is doing. 

Fast forward 30 minutes to class time. I knew our discussion to this student's question was going to prompt plethora of other questions, which it did. 

The Holy Spirit clearly led our talk. My "motto" the past two years has been "This (holding the Bible) is my source of authority. So if I have a question, this is where I am going to go for counsel." That's where we started. The conversation morphed into a presentation of the Gospel and how to be a child of God. That is not where I was headed, which confirmed that the Holy Spirit was guiding our discussion. 

The questions that came up were great (the Godhead, Jesus' death, sin, assurance of salvation...). The questions are not over - Praise the Lord - I'm praying this is just a spring board for other things God wants to do. 

As we were wrapping up, the clock again was taunting me with everything else that needed to be completed for the day. So we prayed - again, totally Holy Spirit led. It went something like this, "Well, Lord, you know everything we have to get accomplished today. I have no idea how it is going to fit in, but You do. Give me eyes to see those moments where we can practice for the Christmas program - Oh, we could totally practice during recess. Thanks, Lord. Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding our discussion. We want to know you more. Amen." 

The Lord allowed for a sweet conversation between another student during lunch. She was uncertain about her salvation because she feels like she know and understand more about the Lord now, than when she first placed her trust in Jesus. We talked about how spiritual growth happens and that the Lord is constantly teaching us more about who He is and how we can know more about Him. 

Bottom line - it was a great day! (Even though I am still feeling bleh!). It was such a direct answer to prayer. These are the moments I go back to when I am discouraged and wonder if it is worth it. 

 All Glory to God! 

* On the way to tutor this afternoon, this picture greeted me in the driveway. LOVE IT!! (The quality is not fabulous since it was taken on the ipad). 

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