Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Inducing Strategies

It's no secret that my darling baby sister is with child. The excitement level in the family is nearing out-of-control! We cannot wait to meet this little baby girl. 

As such, we have been trying a variety of strategies to encourage little miss to make her grand debut. So far, she has not listened nor heeded our attempts. But I am hopeful that she will eventually give in to our request and delight us with her arrival! 

Inducing Strategy #1 - 
Walk around the neighborhood 1 
Inducing Strategy #2 - 
Mexican food. I have no picture of us in the restaurant, but only of Hannah climbing down from the wall we went over to get to the restaurant. 

Inducing Strategy #3 - 
Talking to the baby. Most of the conversations go something like this, "Hello baby girl. This is Aunt Abby. Please come out and play with me. I can't wait to meet you. See, it's like this. I live pretty far away and really really want to meet you soon and hold you and spoil you rotten. Wouldn't you like to come and meet all of us?  Your momma and daddy are SUPER excited to meet you too. We have everything ready for you. Please come out and play. Hello in there? Are you listening to me?" And this can be  shortened version also! 

Inducing Strategy #4 - 
Rubbing Hannah's feet or pressure points as instructed per the internet. 

Inducing Strategy #5 - 
Organizing baby stuff and the baby's room. 
(Note: this is probably the MESSIEST I have ever seen a room in Hannah's domain! This is, of course, why we had to organize it). 

Inducing Strategy #6 - 
Walking the Greenway
(This was walk #2, thus the finger reminders)

Inducing Strategy #7 -
Bouncing on the exercise ball. 

Inducing Strategy #8 - 
Begging and pleading with her to come out and going to the doctor for an update. Only 1 cm. Come on out, baby girl! 

Inducing Strategy #9 - 
Shopping for ridiculously cute baby gear at Baby Gap. Little Miss, you now have a dress for next Christmas. 

Inducing Strategy #10 -
Chickfila lunch. 
(Can you see the adorable twin boys behind us??? So cute!)

Inducing Strategy #11 - 
Packing up the Christmas gear. 

Inducing Strategy #12 -
Walking again in the neighborhood. 

Inducing Strategy #13 - 
Taking advantage of expectant mother parking as long as possible. We feel good about it, now come on out! 

Inducing Strategy #14 - 
Buying cherry gummies for Sister. Hannah used to get these all the time when we were kids at the Weirs General Store. They now sell them in bags and she was craving them the other day. Wish granted! 

Inducing Strategy #15 - 
Washing the hubcaps. I think this is called nesting. Granted, they were SUPER dirty, but only my sister would want to wash just the hubcaps so they look nice. So funny! Here are before and after pictures. 

Inducing Strategy #16 - 
Hanging up Valentine's decorations. 

Inducing Strategy #17 - 
Eating spicy Thai food. 

Inducing Strategy #18 -
Setting up the baby corner of the living room. Hannah was frustrated with putting together the bassinet/changing table/napper part of the pack and play. I love instruction manuals (no, really, I do) and figured out how to put it together. SO fun! 

Inducing Strategy #19 - 
Eating a Chickfila kiddie cone. 

Inducing Strategy #20 - 
Going back to work, hoping the fun of the work environment will encourage Little Miss to make an appearance! 

That's all I have for now. If there are more, I will post them. 
Last night, I kept waking up imagining that I was hearing noises of Hannah and Ben gearing up for the hospital.


  1. Totally Adorable!!! Love the Pics!! Sweet anticipation!!! Can't wait to hear good news, lol!
    Texas Hugs!

  2. Thanks!!! We can't wait either! Hugs to you! See you in July for sure!