Friday, December 9, 2011

Brought to by the "I" Letter

It's that time of year again here in Panama - cooler breezes, brighter sun, fewer rain storms, end-of-the-year excitement for students (and teachers), and letters of intent. 

This is the letter in which the school inquires as to your intentions for the coming school year. During the course of the six years here, there have only been 2 times when I have turned it in right away - both of those instances I was on a two-year contract and knew I would be here for the following year. 

This year and last year, I have put this letter on my bathroom door as a visible reminder to be intentionally praying about it. 
 Each year, it reminds me a little of high school and college. "What are you doing next year, where are you going next, etc?" 

I used to feel that I HAD to have an answer for the questions. Yes, there are times I still feel the pressure, but ultimately I want to do what the Lord wants and be where He wants me to be. 

So the letter I continues to hang on my door and awaits how the Lord will direct me to fill it out. 

 We'll see what the Lord has next...

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