Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day in the Life (tutoring style)

So since the last post was on God's incredible provision, I thought I would show you how an hour of tutoring can go. 

A recent tutoring session involved the following: 

(I don't have a picture of our first item) 
One of the nannies was telling me that Student needed to brush his teeth. So apparently, because he wouldn't listen to her, somehow I would be able to get him to brush his teeth. Her assumption worked, because teeth were cleaned. Check. Thus ends lesson number one.

Next up, Student spilled an entire can of soda on the study room floor. (Literally the ENTIRE can. I watched him take one sip, then during the teeth brushing conversation with the nanny, can down). 
Next lesson of the day, learning how to clean up liquid off of the floor. Check.

Lesson number 3: long u words. The language arts program has a weekly "At Home" newsletter with activities to work on with the students. Seeing the activity for the day, we made a grid and created long u words using the initial consonant(s) to help us get started. It was fun! Student's favorite part was throwing the coin to see what square he would land on. Check. 

This game also connected to math because each tile had a point value. So we were able to work on adding the points while playing a phonics game. 

 Lastly, we began reading a chapter book. This is a big step as Student is still learning lots of English vocabulary. He is doing great! He had just received his Scholastic order, so the excitement to read a new book was too much! He chose a Junie B. Jones book. (This series is a personal favorite of mine. One reason: in college we would have weekly story nights on the floor - Shout out to Five Alive!!! I would read a Junie B. aloud to the girls using a variety of voices. Sweet, hilarious memories!)
He really likes this book! 
Reading log? Check. 

Times up. We clean up our things and learn to put the book on the shelf. The pencil goes back into hiding until our next class (who knew pencils could be so valuable?). 

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