Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hilarious Welcome

We arrived at Hannah and Ben's late a week ago. We came in, hugged one another and started chatting around the kitchen island. The three of us care travelers were fading fast, but just before cashing it in for the night, Hannah exclaimed, "Sister, there is a gift that was in grandma's box that says you must open immediately." 

Well, of course all of curiosity was piqued. I went to the tree and found the envelope she was talking about. Sure enough, it said to be opened immediately. 
We then had a discussion if immediately meant right now or immediately on Christmas morning. We took the chance that it meant immediately, right now, post haste, etc. 
I opened the bulging envelope and stared for several seconds at the heading, unsure of what I was seeing. I then began reading the handwritten information and then it all began to make sense. Hilarious! 
It's an application to be a midwife in the state of Tennessee. My Aunt Lisa helped Grandma with this fun idea! 
My favorite part was the commentary throughout the application. 
Love Grandma's signature! So cute. 
Pretty sure I don't have the skills to be a midwife. I nearly lost it when one of my students impaled his knee with a rusty piece of metal. Whew! 

Just to clarify, I do put the coffee on the immigration forms, so it is totally legit! 

Aunt Lisa has been to visit me in Panama with Dana, so she knows the traffic deal. Fun times! 
I took a picture of the earrings I am wearing today, just to show you, Grandma and Aunt Lisa, that the large earring addiction lives on! Love it! 
I'm going to try and teach Little Miss the large earring way! 
Wahoo Team Jean!!! 

Artist??? This makes me laugh! My students laugh at my drawings, while trying to be encouraging! Hilarious! I drew the most frightening Santa at my small group Christmas party a few weeks ago. Yikes! 
So sweet!!!! That baby girl better hurry up!!! I am going crazy with the waiting. I keep watching Hannah and asking if she is in labor yet. I think she is going to kick me to the curb soon! 
So funny!!! 

Thanks, Grandma and Aunt Lisa, for the SUPER fun and hilarious gift! We'll definitely keep you posted on the baby goings-ons here! 

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