Friday, December 23, 2011

The last three days

It has been a busy three days from Panama to the US. Just some recent observations and times: 
- Other people find the lack of ladies bathrooms in the Tocumen airport "insufficient" the sweet Spanish-speaking lady behind me kept muttering about it the whole eight minutes we were in line. I agreed with all of the muttering. She kept saying,"this is insufficient for an international airport". Amen, sister!
- No matter where you are, people want someone to care about them and have been created for relationships - first with the Lord and then with others. Case in point: I went to get my hair cut and on my way out was stopped by this sweet older lady with curlers in her hair. We talked for ten minutes, mostly about her Christmas plans, her sister in West Virginia and the step-daughter who now has power of attorney after her sister being robbed of $40,000. She even gave me a hug at the end. So sweet. 
- Spent time confessing to the Lord after talking to above-mentioned lady for not sharing Jesus with her.
- Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea are available EVERYWHERE!!! It is beautiful! Love this sign at Chickfila
- You do not need to plan 15 minutes to drive the equivalent of school to Albrook Mall thinking that there will be massive amounts of traffic. Instead you will show up 15 minutes early for an appointment. 
- If you choose to speak Spanish in small town Virginia, expect people to ask their hair dresser in a loud "whisper" if that girl is speaking a different language. 
- When driving in the rain in the states, you do not need to flinch every time you go down an incline for fear of hitting standing water. In 3 hours of rain, only two small puddles of water were encountered as the rest drained. 
- People from Canada will head south for winter/Christmas to camp and ride bicycles as observed from these two vehicles. 

- Gasoline is much cheaper in the states, namely in Tennessee. 
- Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate is one of my favorite things! Yum! 
- Having a pregnant sister is pretty much the CUTEST thing in the world. 

- Having a brother-in-law who is a facetime genius is incredibly helpful! 
- Sleeping in your soon-to-be-born nieces room is pretty amazing! It is filled with ridiculously cute clothes and blankets! Pretty sure I am just going to watch her sleep at night and be amazed! 
- The United States needs to let people enjoy each holiday as it comes. Look at what I saw in Kroger today. For real???
- I heard my first ever Justin Bieber song yesterday as he was introducing his Christmas album on Sirius. 
- It is a pretty good feeling when the stewardess on the plane speaks to you in Spanish first and doesn't switch to English. YESSSSSS!!!! Note to self: keep dying the hair dark! It is apparently working! 
- Grocery stores in the US are overwhelming. Fortunately, I had no assignment and could trail behind mom and sister with a dumbfounded expression at all of the choices. Who knew there were 27 varieties of tortilla chips and that 12 of them are On The Border options? Whew. 
- Shoe shopping with mom and sister is SUPER fun, especially when shoes are 50-80% off! Love it! 
- Laughing, hanging out with family, and enjoying one another is such a sweet gift! 

So thankful to be here for this time. AND we are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the birth of this baby! 

* Upcoming post about the most hilarious "gift" waiting for me upon arrival in Nashville. Oh my!

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