Sunday, December 4, 2011

My CF Girls

It's no shock to anyone that knows me that I enjoy teaching elementary students. They make me laugh, cause me to think, and are generally non-scary. 
 (Who could be afraid of a classroom of lions??)
FYI: This is the class I am currently teaching. Now they are four years older than here. 

But I am somewhat terrified of middle schoolers. While this may seem an irrational fear, it is one the Lord and I are working through! So the Lord, in His brilliant sense of humor, asked me to consider working with middle school girls this year through the church youth group. I said yes. 

(This is why I am convinced the Lord gifts us differently as teachers to work with different age groups. The middle school teachers say, "I don't know how you can handle such little people. I would go crazy." And elementary teachers say, "I don't know how you teach middle school. Whew. I would go crazy!." We are a team!) 

Now, I need to explain a little something. The specific group of girls I am privileged to hang out with were my students in fourth grade. They are precious and make me laugh! It has been an absolute blast to hang out with them, see them at school, and be a part of their lives without being their teacher. (Though we are still struggling in what to call me. They can't let go of the Miss, but we're working on it!). 

Several weeks back, we decided to hang out on a day off from school. 
We made homemade pizza and watched a girly movie. 

Some things haven't changed since I was in middle school - the giggling, talking, playing with each others' hair, talking, telling stories, talking (you get the picture). 

I had forgotten that kissing in a movie is the MOST embarrassing thing EVER! Thus, hiding behind pillows is necessary! :) This still makes me laugh! (The funniest part was that they all knew it was coming and screaming would ensue and ducking behind the pillows!)

Through this sweet young ladies, I am learning so much and being challenged. I'm learning that middle schoolers are not so scary - most of the time! 

I am reminded of so many sweet people who poured into my life during this time many years ago - Steve, Anne, John, Jen, Barbara, Mikele, and others. Thank you!!!!! 
 (I don't have a picture from time period here, though I am SURE I have plenty of great ones in the States. The "kiddos" are in here too, because they shaped me big time. Now they're all grown up! Sniff.)

Can't wait to see what the journey will continue to bring forth!

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