Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Dream, God's Provision

(Lame, but it took me nearly the entire afternoon to think of a title)

Almost immediately upon graduation from college, I knew I eventually wanted to go back to school and work towards a master's degree. Yes, I am a nerd and really liked school (good thing the Lord led me to be a teacher - I learn things all the time!). 

I visited Philadelphia Biblical University during my first year of teaching, liked the program, and tucked into my mind this crazy thing they had for international teachers. But the dream remained on the shelf. 
 These were from that visit trip. I have no pictures of the campus, but just of Philly and sweet people that I love dearly!!!!
 (Seriously??? Look at young the kiddos are. Makes me feel SUPER old since I remember when they were little babies!!!!) 
After teaching in the states for a year, the Lord moved me here to Panama and the idea of further education seemed to be even further away. The costs alone put it out of reach and living on a missionary income was not conducive to furthering education.

The Lord kept bringing back this idea to at least look into the idea of doing PBU's program for international teachers. I had no idea how I would be able to afford it, but started looking into programs. I looked at two other programs, but the costs were unbelievable! I did not want to take out a loan or go into debt to attend grad school; so I knew that if this is how the Lord was going to lead me, He would provide because to me it looked impossible. 

Also during this time, I was being approached to tutor different students after school. It provided a little extra money and I really enjoyed hanging out with students one-on-one and focusing upon certain subject areas. This is how the Lord was going to take care of the money issue. 

As I applied to PBU's program and starting calculating what the financial part would entail (yes, I like math too), the tutoring jobs kept accumulating. Also, I found out that I had been approved to receive a significant scholarship to be in the program. What? For real, Lord? It was incredible! 

This started an amazing journey. For the past five years, the Lord has continued to provide tutoring jobs. Many times I over committed (tutoring 7-9 hours a week, while being a full-time teacher, switching grades three times during that process, and doing a variety of other things was not the most brilliant idea), but throughout the entire process, God provided. 

By God's provision alone, I was able to live on tutoring and save my stipend for grad school. Honestly, there were summers that I have no idea how all of the bills were paid. I'm convinced the Lord had to have changed some numbers in my account at some points. 

Grad school is over (I am sure there will be many posts about that specific part and the amazing time it was), but the tutoring continues. I really enjoy spending time working with students and watching their progress. 

These pictures represent just some of the students I have been privileged to work with through tutoring.  This time has also provided sweet friendships with families I would never have known otherwise. God truly has provided exactly what I needed and far beyond!


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