Thursday, December 15, 2011

T-minus 3 days

That, my friends, is the official number of days left at school for the semester. 
Ten hours and 35 minutes of class time remain, not that I am counting or anything. 

We had a little "Come to Jesus" meeting in class today to discuss keeping it together the next few days. Honestly, they have been GREAT, but were starting to lose control this afternoon! Whew! 

My girls were CRACKING me up today during lunch recess. They started writing their own songs while waiting for other students to finish tests today. I was the willing audience during recess. OH-MY-LANTA!!!! Hilarious!!! Most of my "song-writing" comes from taking tunes (most commonly "O Christmas Tree") and changing the words. It works! These girls, no. Tune and lyrics - all original. 

One song was sung with twangy accents (where in the world would they get that????) and all about how they don't have Southern accents. The other song - all about Arrocha. This was a personal favorite. When they added in (term used loosely here), I nearly lost it. 

Last night was the last CF for the year. I had packaged up some gifts to do a gift exchange, planned some games, and prayed it would be a sweet time. It totally was! 

We had a sweet sharing time - Life Updates in 2 minutes. (Yes, there is a time limit, because middle school girls love to talk - ok, fine, most girls love to talk - the time limit allows everyone the chance!). That was a sweet, serious, celebratory time. God is doing a lot. Then we played some games. Y'all know that I love games!!!! We played a personal favorite - the paper game (original title, huh?). Shout out to Suzanne for teaching me this game during grad school!! Tears were flowing over the ridiculous drawings and interpretations of those drawings. I should have taken some pictures of the drawings. 

We then played Christmas charades - also fun. Then they each chose a gift and opened it. It was such a sweet time. I love those sweet girls! 

In other news, my teaching-next-door is doing a 12 days of Christmas countdown. Each day she draws on the board the gift for that day. Yesterday, this was her drawing...
Can you figure it out??? I looked up from my desk and was like, "um...friend, pretty sure turtle doves are birds. I know this because of the great Christmas classic 'Home Alone' and the conversation at Duncan's Toy Chest." 
Then I realized what she was doing, that sneaky one. Hilarious!!! The French hens today were also cute. Excited for tomorrow. 

I'm working on a sister-post in my head. If you know her and want to read her blog, you should. It makes me laugh out loud because it sounds like I am talking to her. 

Enjoy this sweet time of year. 

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  1. Yea! So glad the "paper game" has made it to panama! :)

    What shall we name it...

    1) Win, name or draw
    2) "Pass!"
    3) "Oh, that's what that was!"

    You got any bright ideas?

    Miss you, oh friend-of-three-weeks!