Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Almost There

It's been a fun week of preparing and waiting! The time with sister and bil has been such a sweet gift and treat to spend with them! 

We started off the week with the "last" trip to the doctor. Everything looked good. He told Hannah that she has had the "perfect" pregnancy, except for the fact that little miss doesn't want to make an appearance. With that being said, this means that Hannah will be induced a little after midnight on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. We cannot WAIT to meet this little one!
After the doctor fun, Hannah and I decided to knock out our lists and use some coupons! This is one thing I miss about living in the states - using coupons! We found FANTASTIC deals! You gotta love it when you receipt says, "48% saved". Hannah and I love getting a bargain and always seem to find great stuff when we are together!

 Later on Monday, April came over to play cards. It was fun having a mini Israel "reunion" with the twinksters joining us before they headed off for a meeting. So fun!
 Then it was time for some INTENSE Nertz playing. Sister won in the last hand! It was a blast!
 Having fun playing with the baby! So funny!
 Hannah is so incredibly patient with all of us talking to her belly and poking and prodding little miss.
Penn's face cracks me up! 

 Penn's finger looks like ET here. Hilarious!
 Tuesday night = putting the car seat in the truck. Pretty much picked the COLDEST night of the year to accomplish this task. Brrr...
 The truck will now be baby-fied!
 We love instruction manuals!
 Taking sister to work on Tuesday.
 Ben coming up with a great photo to put on facebook. These two are hilarious! This sweet baby is about to enter a very funny household! I'm sure she'll be able to hold her own!
Wednesday has been Hannah's last day at work - she is a trooper! I worked on a project for the baby's room, per sister's request (thank you, Pinterest, for the idea!).
Luke and Abster, Momma and Daddy, and Ben's mom are all traveling right now to be here. It's gonna be a wild and crazy few days, but TOTALLY worth it.

Time to go fire up the straightener to help Hannah get ready for the hospital.

Jesus - thank you for this sweet baby girl. We can't wait to meet this little one You've been designing. Thank you for a safe pregnancy so far. Give Hannah rest in the next few hours and give Ben what he needs to be a support for Hannah. May the life of this sweet baby bring your glory. Let it be so...


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