Friday, January 13, 2012

People Over Projects

Yes, I know this is not part 2 of the birth of sweet baby girl, but this is on my mind today. So lest I forget it, I will blog about it. 

Do you ever have those moments where the Lord seems to be like, "Well, you asked Me for this, so I'm going to give you the chance to practice it."? 
That was today. 

This morning, the staff spent some time in small groups praying with and for one another. It was a sweet time. One of the things the Holy Spirit brought to my mind is to pray about spending time with people, instead of becoming consumed with the projects. This is a CONSTANT battle for me! I LOVE hanging out with people, living life, laughing, talking, crying, sharing, growing, being. 

But the other side of me feels the pressure of completing, finishing, checking off, listing, working, planning, isolating. This is partly due to the pressure I put on myself to "please" others through performance. Let me just say, the Lord has been bringing freedom in this area (thank you, Lord!). 

I digress. Back to the story. 

The day continues with planning, moving desks, preparing, thinking, writing, AND talking, sharing, crying, laughing, being. It was such a sweet combination of the two! (Because, let's face it, both are necessary!). 

At the end of the day, a sweet teacher asked for a ride to her new home. So as we pulled into her driveway, she was a reminder from the Lord of my petition to Him this morning. She asked us to come in for a cafecito. The project-Abby immediately goes to, "I have so much to do, there's lots of planning, I need to organize the suitcases..."
Then the Holy Spirit shouts - "REMEMBER PEOPLE????" 

So we went. Wow. So sweet. We walked through her Christmas break through photos. We drank cafe (which I don't even drink, but I wanted to be a social coffee drinker - no, not to be a pleaser). We talked. We laughed. We shared life. We communed. 

What sweetness! 

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