Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl Part 1

Warning: knowing my already long-windedness, there is no way I could summarize this journey in one blog post without it turning into a full-length feature. So I am going to force myself to find stopping points along the way. Instead, it will be a mini-series. 

The long awaited day finally arrived!

Hannah and I began the hospital preparations by doing team hair-straightening. Hannah has MOST beautiful  curly hair, but she wanted it straightened for labor, which I totally supported. It was lots of girly fun!

Ben began preparing by creating a labor-in-the-truck kit, just in case. He was pretty creative.

Luke and Abby made it here on Wednesday night and we of course greeted them with a photo!

Ben also made sure to grab the video camera and add that to the growing stack of take-to-hospital supplies.

Mom and dad following a few hours later, barely able to contain their excitement about the upcoming birth of grandchild #1.
Ben demonstrated how he wanted Hannah to wear her hair, so that she could grab onto it during intense contractions. She refused.

We celebrated family Christmas together, minutes before Hannah and Ben left for the hospital. 

It's fun having two Abby's in the family
When mom first pulled out this gift from Abby and Luke, I thought it was a plunger because she pulled it out upside down.
We took one more family photo before little miss would enter this crazy family.

Dad sent them off with a family prayer time.

One more sis pic before a new girl joins the fam.

Lots of hugs, prayers, a few tears, and lots of stuff later, they were out the door and on their way.
The waiting began...

To be continued...

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