Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl (Part 2)

* If you want to read Hannah's version of this day, you can check it out here. She is far more concise and I love her style. I always feel like I am listening to her talk when I read her writing. 

Yes, this is long. I'm ok with that. These are sweet family times and I don't want to forget the sweetness of these memories, moments, and  milagros/miracles.

It was the day we had all been waiting for since that day long ago in May when we first heard about this sweet baby girl that we all already loved. Today, she was coming. We were going to meet her. 

In true Spencer form, the parents were up at the crack of dawn, out the door, and on the way to the hospital. The younger folks decided to store up some sleep energy for the coming days and mosey our way on down to the hospital after running a few errands. After all, the doctor had told Hannah is would 8-10 hours after breaking her water at 6am. We had plenty of time! 

Labor update: 1 centimeter. 10am 
Stop number 1: Run errands to Essex to check out whatever fabulous finds might be discovered! None to be found. 
Stop number 2: Target - who doesn't love just hopping into Target? 
Labor update: 4-5 centimeters (my heart starts pounding because it jumped fast)
We then go to the fabulous land of Chick-fil-a to use coupons for free food while awaiting the next update. 
During lunch, we get the message: She is at 9cm. 
Yes, the racing heart started up again. I was so nervous that we were going to miss it!!!!! I wanted to see sister one more time before that little girl came! 

We head to the hospital, which is located on Church St. 
Baby Girl is going to be delivered in Baptist Hospital. I took a picture of this sign just for kicks. 

We made it just in time to see sister and talk for a few minutes. She was reveling in the beauty of her epidural and sad about the fact she couldn't have any water. 

The room was equipped with many fun things, such as the baby heating area. Dad and Luke had to check it out to make sure it was safe and functioning for the little miss. 
Yep, it's warm. 
While visiting sister, the doc came in to check her progress. She was at 10cm. Time for this little one to make her arrival. 
This picture will not be funny except to mom, dad, and I. Luke was showing us his "street smarts" learned at Moody on how not to walk with cash sticking out of your back pocket. Seriously thought we might get kicked out because of the uncontrollable laughter. 

One more prayer session with Ben and Hannah. 

The eagerly expectant parents. 

This is such a Luke face. That kid cracks me up. As we walked down the hall, we kept talking about how crazy it was that a baby was coming! I asked mom and dad if they could believe they were about to meet their granddaughter. 
These were the special green arms bands so we could go back to the room. (There were only five, so the whole huge clan of us specially sized them so we could keep rotating the bands. Though Luke and I were so stealth that we just followed in nurses and weren't asked for the bands). 
With the whole group of us (Katy, Penny, Cole, Angie, Momma, Daddy, Luke, Abby H, and I) we took up the majority of the waiting room. And I'm pretty sure we had the most fun of anyone in that room, seeing as how we came all prepared and such. 
Let the games commence! 

Some intense Nertz playing - oh so fun! 

Some where around this time, Dad received a text from Ben saying that Hannah was going to have to have a C-section. Little girl's head was too big. My heart sank. Hannah and I had talked about her not wanting a c-section. Poor thing. Again, more praying (I don't think it actually ever stopped, but when it is noted, take it as a corporate thing). 

Finally, around 4:20ish, Dad received another text (isn't it crazy how much technology has changed even the waiting for a baby???? I was astounded!). She was here!!! This was one captioned "Red head". I couldn't tell if Ben meant the hair or the fact that her actual head was red. He meant the former. Much rejoicing in the room! 
Thus began the passing of the phone to view this little bundle of preciousness! 
They were zooming in on the hair to see if they could indeed see the red hair. Success! It's red! 
Ben made it to us and gave us all the great details. 


Charlie Belle
8lb. 3 oz. 
20 1/2 inches long
Wonderfully made by her Creator
Delighted in by her family

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