Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to Panama '12

It's always fun coming back to Panama (after the first four years, where return was synonymous with tears)! 
Now returning means - lots of squeals of seeing old/new friends, loads of hugs and "how was your time", grocery shopping Panama style, unpacking of the new treasures brought back, and summer-time clothing (flip-flops are always in season). 

Returning meant a load up trip to Riba Smith with friends.

 They have very fun small shopping carts, so Cheryl decided to try one out! 
This picture still makes me laugh. 
(She didn't really shop with it, but I wouldn't put it past her to try).
 This is what the trunk looks like when 5 single ladies go grocery shopping after returning from a three-week break.

  Jessica is new to Panama (on the right) and so we introduced her early to Dim-Sun, Chinese breakfast. 
Truly, it is one of Mami and I's favorite things to do (we have another trip planned this weekend). 
Kara so sweetly planned a get-together for the four of us to catch up from break. 
We met at The Grand Deli Gourmet for lunch, sun, and chatting. 
So much fun!! 
Love these sweet women. 

 Amber made a new friend, who really liked her blue shirt

 In case you are ever board and need the perfect fun roll for a get-together, but the Snuggle! 
I had to take a picture because I would never have thought of using this type of slogan for a bread product. 
Next Jessica-introduction-to-Panama was Crepes and Waffles. 
(how did I not get a picture of Jessica during this outing? Fail!)
Another favorite place to hang out and chat. 
Sha-real and I excited about crepes. 

Sadly, I do not have pictures from all of the fun-girly things that have been going on since being back in Panama. 

The following are "stolen" from Kara and her cool blog

Clare's baby shower for the twins - a bird theme for Laney and Berdie (who are now here!!!!)

Time has also been spent with my hilarious small group girls (I think we need a small group name), friends, meeting the twin-sters, and school (of course). 

The Lord has been so sweet in providing such amazing friends and community here. 
They are HUGE gifts that I am constantly grateful for and rejoice in the richness of these memories.

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