Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soaking it up - Family Time

I left Panama right after school on Friday, flew to DC, and jumped in the car with mom and dad. We left the airport at midnight and settled in for the overnight drive to Nashville. 
Part of the urgency was to see that cute baby and we had family driving in from Illinois and wanted to spend time with them too. 

 There she is!!! That little munchkin of cuteness!!! She has changed so much in the past few weeks. So thankful to be able to spend time cuddling and loving on her!
 Meeting the little miss!!!!
 Megan came too, which was so fun! She is marrying Zac this summer and can't wait to see her then!
 Chatting and such with Megan and Dana
 Maddie Jean meeting CB. When did Maddie grow up so much??? I feel old!
 Sweet sleeping princesa!!!
 I am the oldest grandchild on the Main side and Maddie is the youngest. This past summer at the reunion, I was only taller than Maddie. Alas, those days are over. I am officially the shortest grandchild. It's ok. I've worked through those issues! :)
 This picture makes me smile! Granny and Pappy would just sit and watch CB or cuddle with her. They are adorable grandparents.
 Great-grandma Jean meeting Charlie Belle for the first time. Love it!
 Dinner time with the fam at Chuys
 So fun!
 The ladies!
 Only Aunt Kate, the birthday girl, wanted her picture taken.
 Charlie Belle had no small share of being held.
 Figuring out our next plan of action outside
 Love these ladies - Hannah, Megan, Grandma, Lisa, and Abby

Field trip to the studio where the Purple Hulls are recording their gospel album. 
 Pappy carrying CB around for us.
 Ben playing tour guide (this alley is where he apprehended a criminal a while back - famous tourist attractions of Nashville). 
 The studio

Charlie Belle - you are dearly loved!!! So many people came to see you!!!!! 

The dedication will be the next post...

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