Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day 2012 Part 1

Sigh, Valentine's Day. That's a happy sigh.
It's been an...interesting, but fun day!!! Interesting comes later! 

Valentine's Day actually started on Sunday for me this year! 
Sweet Minda-lynn came by on Saturday to invite all the single ladies (yes, the song is in my head too) to go our for ice cream with she, David, and Griff-ster (my name for him). So sweet!!! 
We had a GREAT time hanging out together!!! 
 The Whole Crew - Minday, Mami, Cheryl, David, Rebecca, Griff-ster, Abby
 Hurray for ice cream and fun friends!!!
 So thankful for sweet friends.
 First official all-three-of-us roommate picture - first one = FAIL! It was set on the wrong thing, obviously. But Jess liked it, so we are posting it! :)
 Much better.

Note: these pictures were all taken before the great air-conditioning debacle of 2012 in the fourth grade. 
 Next-door-teacher-friend. Love these sweet lady!!!!
 I had playground duty this morning, which was actually SUPER fun! I got to see all of the excited kiddos in their pink, red, and white. This guy came up and wanted his picture with me. So funny! Sweet boy.
 "Old" students
 GL gave out really creative Valentines. They were bananas that said, "I'm bananas for you!" So cute!

Morg and I 
 Precious story. Yesterday, February 13, Mateo came up to me after school. He put his arm around me and said, "Miss Spencer, will you be my Valentine tomorrow?" Precious. So we had to take a picture of course. How do these kiddos grow up so fast? Can't handle it!
Totally the Holy Spirit in today's Bible lesson. I had been praying that the Lord would give me the right words today in communicating His love for my students. Our lesson today - "The Roman Road". 
It fit so perfectly and tied in so well to what I wanted them to know about God's great love for them. 
This is the "road map" they drew on their own (I am not an artist, as is quite clear from the drawings). I won't go into detail outlining how many of the signs I had to google images for because I can't remember what color they are or what they look like. I kept getting Panamanian and US signs mixed up. It was fun! 

I'm not sure what the Lord is doing in the hearts of my students, but praying they take to heart God's truth and desire to walk in His ways. 

More to come from Valentine's 2012... 

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