Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 2

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something fun with my small group girls. 
I've always loved Valentine's Day and wanted these girls to know they are loved, they are beautiful, and that are delighted in by the Lord. 

We met after school (poor girls - I sent them to my room to wait for me, forgetting our a/c had gone out and that the room was 1000 degrees. They were so patient and totally waited, while sweating like crazy). 
Amber-lynn was so sweet to help me cart them all to Crepes and Waffles and to eat with us.
Thanks, Amber!!! (Not only is she is a colleague and fellow leader, she is also a dear friend). 

Amber-lynn, Khush-de-loosh, Alai-banai, and Keimi-loo
Khush began our time by telling the waitress that not only were most of them well over the age of 10, but that Amber and I were 25! I died laughing! (She was trying to ask for kids menus, which were for only 10 and under. However, the sweet waitress let the girls order from it if they wanted)

Alai is a new student and it was a fun time of getting to know her. Precious! 
Pray for her. The Lord is doing cool things in her family because of her being at the school. 

 D, Liz, Abby, and Morg-da-borg

Yes, I have fun names for all of my girls. It makes it more interesting. 
This was our yellow shot.
 That's better. 
We had so much fun talking, laughing, telling stories, and just being together. 

I was so proud of them for putting their blackberries away (The phone not the fruit). They were on them the whole way to Crepes and when we sat down, they mostly put them away for the whole meal! 
If you are around teens or even adults, you know this is huge! 

 Lizzie's cute waffle as a part of her kids meal (seriously, the kids meal is the best deal on the menu. Wish I could pass as a ten year old!)

 Not all of the girls could come, but I was so blessed by those who could. 
They are precious. 
Praying they know the sweetness of the Lord, that they embrace salvation, and walk with Jesus always. 

 We had to include one pictures with the crazy Mona Lisas in the background!
 Amber came up with fun things for us to do, thus the result of these two photos. 
Yes, I love these girls!
D is not in this one =) 

It was a sweet Valentine's Day. (no pun intended)
A good school day (minus the fact we had no air. In a portable metal building, it was brutal!), fun class party in spite of the sweat and smell, and a fabulous ending with my small group. 

Who knows what next V-day will hold in store??

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