Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Arepas

Once a week, a group of teachers have been taking Spanish classes with Yuni (one of the Spanish teachers at the school). She is from Venezuela and has an amazing story!

Right before our Carnival break, she planned for us to learn how to make arepas, a traditional Venezuelan recipe/staple.

 Yuni made beautiful recipes for us and had everything set up for us to cook and learn!!!!

 Carefully measuring out the water
 Listening to our instructions in Spanish!
 Mami pouring the special harina
 Our two types of harina for arepa making
 Love Mindy's face in this picture!!!! Mindy brought some amazing black beans to put in the arepas. Oh my yum!
 The crew cooking
 Yuni showing us the way to shape the arepas. She was a professional and we novices were not so fabulous at the patting out! But we need to practice!
 Trying our efforts in the patting department
 Yuni made them two ways - grilled on the griddle or lightly fried in a little oil. We all preferred the fried
 To fry the, you have to poke a hole in the middle for the centers to cook. They look like doughnuts!
 Waiting to be cooked
 Sisters - So glad Sarah came to join our cooking fest!
 Amber-lynn!!! Love this sweet friend!
 All ready to eat! We all brought something to stuff in the arepas
 Some of the options: chicken, beef, avacado, black beans, cheese, sour cream, etc.
 The finished product!
Antonio was excited to come home and eat our efforts.

Here's Yuni's fabulous arepa receta! (I made a Spanish rhyme!!! Can I get extra credit???)

Arepas Con Autentico Sabor Venezolano
(Note: I am translating this from Spanish, so I'll do my best)

1 cup of water (I just typed agua - this could take a while!)
3/4 cup of corn flour or arepa mix style flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt

1. Pour the water into the bowl
2. Stir the salt in the water
3. Add the flour while mixing with a fork until you reach the desired consistency - the dough will feel gritty and a little wet
4. Let it rest for a few minutes
5. Form the tortilla shapes with damp hands
6. Grill or fry the arepas
7. Fill with whatever you want

This will make 3 medium sized arepas.

This is on my menu for next week!!! So yummy!

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