Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday 2012

Super bowl Sunday - a mega-viewer day around the world where people watch a football game. This was my first year to watch this famous game here in Panama! It was only because super fun friends invited us over for food, fun, and oh yeah, football!

 So this was on Super Bowl Sunday. We came home from church to observe our neighborhood watch aka: Nathan. He was shooting bb's at birds that were bothering the twin babies.
 Kara is one amazing hostess!!! She always makes fabulous food and has cute ideas! Her punch was rocking and she made adorable football cupcakes. AND she made her incredible pizza dip that is incredible!
 here is our amazing hostess - Kara!! (This is right before b-day - braces off day!!!!!)
 This is my fun friend, Cheryl. She has food in her cheeks and we laughed at this picture for minutes!
 Mam-ster and Rebecca eating pizza - a must on SBS (Super Bowl Sunday)
Hanging out "watching" the game. We really only watched the commercials. I think if I were on a game show right now, I would lose money on who actually played in the super bowl and who won.

Fun memories!

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