Monday, April 2, 2012

Bible Study Retreat 2012

Loss, letting go, and life - these were the three topics of our Ladies Bible Study retreat 2012.
The Holy Spirit totally led Lisa to these as our three topics for our sessions. Friday night began with several women in our group sharing about loss in their own lives. It was a heavy, but encouraging night to hear about the Lord's specific presence throughout loss.
I love how the Lord speaks through music, so our song to reflect on Friday night was Audrey Assad's "Show Me".

Saturday morning was a sweet time of listening to sweet Jen E share about God's new adventure in their lives, followed by Lisa sharing about letting go.
Our song this morning was "Let Go" by Lindsay McCaul. This song has been a HUGE blessing in my life for the past several years. Lindsay and I lived on the same floor our first year at Moody. She is a amazing woman of the Lord.

Saturday we all ate lunch together, which was SUPER fun and enjoyed the pool and beach.
Sunday morning was my turn to share on Life. I had a hard time focusing on one passage, so we looked at several (Ezekiel 36:24-30; Ezekiel 47:6-12; Luke 8:40-48; John 21:15-19). It was such a sweet time of study and I pray it blessed others to look at Scripture to see the Lord's desire to restore life spiritually and physically.

Then we packed up and headed home. Love spending time with these sweet women!!! Lots of pictures below with more information!!!!

 Our car picking up Jen!!! (It was St. Patrick's Day, so there is lots of green present)
 Next stop, Quesos Chela! Yummo!! (It was Kara, Jess, and Amber's first time there! What???)
 These babies got lots of loving this weekend - thanks, Clare, for having two so there was more to go around! :)

 Trading treats from our goodie bags

 Midnight news - AMBER'S PREGNANT!!!! This was hilarious. Amber says it in the dark and there is NO reaction. I start laughing and then Kara and Jen think it is a joke! It was such a fun and sweet time sharing, laughing, and rejoicing in the Lord for this little baby. We love you, baby Callaway!!! We've prayed for you!!!!

 Oh we love these little ones!!

 Tobias didn't like baby kicking his little head.
 Jess, Jen, Kara, and I went to a fun, eclectic restaurant for dinner. The spicy chorizo was so yum!!!
These women play a significant role in my life. I am so incredibly thankful for these precious women. So many have gone away and every year it is a different group, but it is always a precious gift.

Thank you, Lord, for the joy of fellowship. Thank you for life!

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