Friday, April 6, 2012

Boquete, Fresas, y Amigas

Our semana santa fun continued with a day trip into Boquete. Because there are lots of pictures, this will be in parts.

We drove towards Boquete, which was lots of fun since there is bunches of construction! It has been five years since I last went, so I was totally turned around. But we made it! We stopped at the visitor's center at the top to wait for Fresas Mary to open. We spent a lot of time playing with camera settings and enjoying the lovely breezes and incredible views. I always forget that Panama can have such mild weather. It was so refreshing!

 Someone kindly offered to take our photo, although the self-shots did turn out!

 We were playing with the action shot, so Cheryl asked Mami to dance around, so she did!

 Our first stop (after the break at the Visitor's Center) was Fresas Mary. It is one of the place that sticks out most in my mind in Boquete. We had a lovely (and cheap!) lunch, with fabulous fresa yumminess for dessert!!!!!
 We even stopped here again at the end of our day!!! The little lady (I called her Mary) laughed when we showed back up, but hey, it's delish!
 I took this picture because of the sign below! Hilarious!

This was our delightful dessert! Everyone ordered something different, which made it fun to see what everything looked like! So fun and yummy!!!!

More to come...

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