Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cafe de La Luna

We finished our time in Boquete going on a coffee farm tour of Cafe de La Luna.

 The owner and his wife desire to treat their workers fairly. These two cuties kept spying on us out of their window. So sweet!!!!

 We all got to try the coffee cherry. Cheryl wasn't too up for it as she had eaten an entire coffee cherry once in her life, which made Richard (the owner) laugh hysterically!
 There are loads of flower pictures because the foliage in this region is incredibly lovely!!!!
 It started sprinkling when we sat down to learn about coffee and continued drizzling during our walking tour.

 Look at that lovely papaya (not my favorite fruit, unless it is just right!)

 More trumpet flours!!!

 In this process, the cherries are dried in the sun and then the beans are separated.
 Then the beans are separated in size and the rejects.

 Learning about what coffee can smell like - who knew? Toast was one of my favorite descriptions!

 We tried our hand at sniffing three different roasts of coffee.
 Jessica was probably the most proficient at it. I thought they smelled the same, but kept pretending they smelled differently! :)

 Then the three roasts were brewed and we had to try and guess the light, medium, and dark roasts.
Jess and Rebecca are on the only coffee drinkers in our group, BUT Mami and I totally called the three blends! YESSSS!!!!

 Because Cheryl's birthday was closest to our tour date (her birthday was the next day), she got to be the roaster of our sample coffees!!!
 She was excited!
 Coffee is beautiful! 

 The smell is one of my favorite in the world!
 The different tests of the beans throughout the roasting process.
 Finished product! Dad, this is coming your way this summer!!!
Jessica has been searching for Panamanian coffee that she likes and this was the winner for her!

It was a great way to end our day in Boquete!

If you are ever in the Boquete area, I definitely recommend this tour and learning experience.

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