Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cheryl's Banana Birthday Bonanza!!!!

April 5 dawned sunny and lovely for the wonderful Cheryl Lynne's birthday!
We had it from a VERY reliable source (cough, Sara, cough) what Cheryl wanted for her birthday celebration, so we had put a plan into action!

 The day included a trip to David to get ice cream for said bonanza that involved banana splits! We couldn't get the helado the night before because there was no electricity in our house. It was SO lovely outside!!!!
 Dinner was fabulous fajitas (yes, I like alliteration and it is fitting since Cheryl is an English teacher!)
 So happy about her little yellow figurines! Thanks, Mind-a-lynn!!!
 The party plan was to include yellow (her favorite color), bananagrams (favorite game), and banana splits (yellow theme). Jess and I didn't not have a yellow shirt, but found one at the Importadora American in Aguadulce. Cheryl was like, "Oh, you bought a yellow shirt. Do you know that's my favorite color?" Um, yes, that was the point! :)
The funnier part was the Cheryl bought herself yellow trousers! Hehehe - she had no idea the party was occurring later that week.
 Oh dear, Cheryl likes matches.
 We were setting up for the self-timer, so as I was getting it just right, Cheryl kept posing and cracking me up!

 Ok, there is an inside joke with this picture because it is SOOOOO funny. Maybe you'll get it too!!!
 Happy birthday, Cheryl!!!! Yellow just for you.

Roses are yellow
Bananas are yellow
Celebrating you is never mellow!
(Poetry is not my gift!)

 I didn't get a picture of Kara's awesome banana card she made for Cheryl. It even had puns in it and we all laughed!
 We had no birthday candles, so we improvised!

Happy birthday, friend! We are so thankful the Lord has brought you to Panama and the laughter you bring! Thanks for being a listening ear, smiling friend, and fun next-door teacher/friend.

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