Monday, April 9, 2012

Driving through Boquete

Our day in Boquete continued with a driving tour around the mountainside. We had a tour set up at 2:30 for a coffee farm, so we had some time to kill.

 Our first stop - I can't remember what these are called and I couldn't find them in the tour book. They look like french fries made of rock. Very interesting!
 Cheryl took most of the pictures on the drive as I was busy driving. So she took this picture of the police as they passed us looking at the rock french fries because we had just discovered that Rebecca didn't have an ID with her. So we took a picture in case they chose to look for ID it would be a part of our journey and adventure for the day.
 Driving along the river - so beautiful!
 We found the waterfall!!! This is one of my favorite places in Boquete. I have pictures here from the other two times I have visited (I am going to put them below)!

 Cheryl loved these trumpet flower trees and was stalking them everywhere we went!
 We took a series of fun pictures and kept they are!

 I have one of these pictures from each visit, so I am going to put the other two below (ignore the fact it looks like I have water all over my shirt - I don't. It's just a shadow of my head!)

My first trip to Boquete (I went with Christina, Angela, and Rachel) in April 2007

Back again with my parents in December of 2007. Man - my hair was a LOT lighter! I guess the dye's have gotten darker! :)
 Jess and I decided to do some fun things on the rocks, so we hunted for just the right spot.

 I remember when I first went to Boquete, this house was so beautiful and now it is in ruins. So sad.
 Oh this hill!!! We took a picture, so thankful! My car, verdecita, almost didn't make it. Poor baby girl was barely hoofing it up and then she was angry coming down. So thankful for the Lord's protection. We were praying she wouldn't completely fall apart!
 Love the clothes on the line.
 Yes, we stopped to check out the car, she was in that much pain! Yes, none of us know anything about cars, but we assumed that if we stopped and looked that would be responsible!
These people were sad like us that Mi Jardin es Su Jardin was closed!!! So bummed!

Next stop: coffee farm!

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