Monday, April 16, 2012

Mami's Pets and Sunset

Isn't that a fun title? I'm not super witty or creative, so I just write what comes to mind! :)

 We spent most of Friday on the beach, soaking up the end of our semana santa time. It was a lovely, cloudy day. I prefer the cloudy beach days because it doesn't feel so hot!!!
 I love the beauty of the beach, sand, footprints in the sand, etc!!!!

 The waves here don't look so intimidating, but they were crazy!!!!! The sound of the waves is one of my favorite sounds in the world! It's such a reminder of the grandeur and might of God!
 We enjoyed chatting, reading magazines, and relaxing!
 Mami has an amazing talent! The girl can hunt down AND capture crabs! We were in awe!
 She was so proud of her little "pets".
 Not only can she capture them, but she took basic ingredients and made an amazing pasta dish! Griffin and the rest of us were in awe! Mami has some mad skills!
 This last night was the most amazing sunset! The sky lit up to proclaim the beauty of the Lord and we soaked it up!

 Cheryl was up on the roof taking pictures!

I climbed up with her and we sat and talked while watching the beautiful painting God was creating continue developing in the night sky!

What a fabulous and beautiful way to end our time.

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