Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Nights (or Mondays)

One of my favorite TV shows is "The Amazing Race".  For the past few years, I have been watching it here with friends on the computer/television (depending on how the website is working).

So normally on Sunday nights, I head over to my friend, Kara's house (and Bill, Ubi, and Bacon) to watch the fun!

I decided last week to take some pictures of our time enjoying this crazy show!
Because of our crazy schedules this year, Bill and Kara bought the itunes pass, so we have watched on Monday nights most weeks, but also some Sundays. The fun has also been that we are behind, so we can often watch 2 episodes per time to help in catching up!

 Last week, Kara asked if we could grill out to which I responded a hearty, Yes!!! (Grilled foods are some of my favorites!) It was a blast!
 Hurray for The Amazing Race!! My favorite team this year is Bopper and Mark (how could you not cheer for someone named Bopper?? So fun!). I love their Alabamian accents and sometimes I have to interpret for Kara and Bill (although sometimes none of us have any idea of what they are saying!)
 Enjoying hanging out time!
Kara is a queen of hospitality! She and Bill love cheese, so it is quite often that the cheese slicer makes an appearance and it is delightful! Last week, they shared some of their fabulous gouda purchased at one of the stops on their recent cruise (I can't remember if it was from Aruba, Bonaire, or Curacao). Delish!

This has been a final season watching together as Kara and Bill are moving back to the states, so this is our last time to watch The Amazing Race together. I'm super sad that their time here in Panama is ending! So thankful for the Lord providing such a sweet friend!

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  1. We love the Amazing Race too!! I was so sad when Bopper and Mark lost this week. (Especially after they shaved their heads.) Such a GREAT show! David and I always joke that we could never do the show together because I am HORRIBLE with directions and he would kill me if I repeatedly got us lost. (Which I KNOW I would do. Ha!)