Saturday, May 5, 2012

Contadora Part 1

Truly one of my favorite places in Panama! In January of 2008, Aunt Lisa and Dana came to visit me here in Panama. Their ideal vacation included an island with white sand, clear water, and palm trees. She (Aunt Lisa) found Contadora and we went for a few days. It was always a place I wanted to return to, but never thought I would have the opportunity.

I mean, wouldn't you want to go back too? See how many people are on the beach? Seriously, this sand is amazing and feels like your feet are in powder. Oh my!

So my friend, Kara, and her husband had wanted to go to Contadora before they leave Panama. We had talked about going and then, lo and behold, a deal came up on ofertasimple for staying at Contadora.  I immediately emailed Kara and we both bought it post haste! It was such a good deal and we were all beyond excited (except for maybe Bill) about going to the island for the weekend.

(Also, Survivor has filmed in the Pearl Islands three times, so it is SUPER fun too thinking about that!).

 Waiting for our ferry to take us to our island destination and fabulous weekend!
 Our beginning by walking around and taking pictures around the hotel - so lovely!!!
 This is the same place I stayed with Aunt Lisa and Dana, which brought back sweet memories.

 You can't even see the water behind us. Ha!
 We got in for our boat tour (a part of our deal) and there was a giant sting ray in the water - yes, it is swimming towards the beach we swam at!!! Do you see it's shadow in the water????
 Jess and I excited about our fabulous boat tour.
 This Italian looking villa is my next home! Hahahaha.

 I loved how the water was glittering off the water - incredibly lovely!!!
 There was this awesome bulletin board for a hotel and it had arrows on EVERY advertisement. Bill thought it would be funny to pretend to be confused about its location.
 Trying our Choco Biggers for a cooling off, afternoon treat.
 Enjoying the beautiful balcony, some alone time with Jesus, and the sound of the waves - LOVE IT!!!!
 It was an incredibly peaceful and special time with the Lord (never mind the air-conditioning guy sawing the pipe to our AC during part of this time, but that's another post!)
 We went to the arrow-pointing-bulletin-board hotel that night for dinner (they pick you up for free in a mule (the motorized vehicle, not the animal), so that was an extra fun touch). They had a life-size chess set, so Jess and I thought it would be fun to pretend to beat each other with the pieces! That's how we roll! We entertained many other dinner-goers and servers.

 We tried taking a group picture quickly while getting back into the mule, but with the lens I had on, we didn't fit and them something I don't remember that was funny happened, so we just got laughing shots, but they are fun!!!
It was a great start to our fabulous weekend!

Stay tuned...

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