Sunday, May 6, 2012

Contadora Part 2

Day two started off lovely (of course). The sun was shining and it was a beautiful start to the morning. Jess had a slightly rough night, but that's another blog post for another adventure!

 One of Kara's goals on this trip was to rent a golf cart and explore the island. It was a wild and crazy and SUPER fun six hours! The mule (not the animal!) was not available, so we did some golf cart off-roading as well!
 Lovely view by the former Hotel Contadora
 Yes, my friends, that is a beached ferry down there. More on that later.

 We kept marveling at how many pay phones were on the island. At least 5! Kara drove back by this group of three for a photo.
 The bouganvillea was gorgeous!!! This place had so many colors and they were in full, bright bloom!

 We found this random statue. I can't remember who this guy was, but we thought it would be fun to take a picture with him. This caused much amusement for the locals who kept driving by on their golf carts and laughing at us!!!

 We did some major off-roading on the golf cart to find paths unexplored and to get a closer look at this beached ferry. The last time I was on Contadora, the all-inclusive Hotel Contadora was still in business, but is now a trashed out ruin. This was sitting on the shore (I did some googling after to find out as much as I could. It has this sort of Gilligan's Island feel and I found it fascinating!)

 I decided to be brave and climb up into it.
 It looked like an airplane on the inside. I mean, now it's totally trashed, but once in its prime, it was a happening place!

 Bill climbed all over it taking pictures and exploring.
 Sorry they are out of focus. I did lots of practicing with different features on the camera. I have lots more to learn.
 Part of the path we went on. Jess and I had some misgivings about making it out, but we did. Kara is a fabulous golf cart driver!!!
This is a small part of the hotel that is now all gutted, trashed, and stripped. Jess and I felt it had this eerie, almost apocalyptic feel to it. Maybe a small sense of what it might be like different places at the return of Jesus. You could see into every single of the 300 hotel rooms and there was NOTHING left. No light fixtures, drywall, fixtures, wiring, piping - all of it stripped.

We also visiting a fabulous little beach, Playa Ejecutiva and again, no one on the beach (ok, one weird guy sitting under a tree on the rocks watching things - kind of creepy. And there was one guy with his dog, but he didn't stay long). Incredibly lovely!!

Thanks for the fabulous island golf-cart tour, Kara!!!

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