Sunday, May 13, 2012

Momma Memories

My momma - she is a wonderful lady! She put up with a LOT from us three kids, not just being our momma, but choosing to school us from K-12th grade. Yep, we was home-schoolers and we is smart and edjumacated. :)
Momma had incredible patience with us. I still laugh at some of the things we did that I KNOW drove her up the wall. (Momma, remember when you had Hannah and I scrubbing the floors with Comet and the fabulously, unique song we made up to make the chore fun???? Yeah, that didn't go over so well.)

So I thought I would upload some photos of momma and us and it turned out to be a lot more than I expected. Oh well, I love it!

(I tried to upload these in chronological order, but alas, it was not meant to be)
So thankful momma and daddy were able to come and see my life here in Panama (and excited that they may come again soon!!!).
 Momma with her four kiddos
 One of momma's incredible talents is her sewing skills! She can make nearly anything and without patterns if needed. I wish I had some pictures from when we were younger and the amazing dresses she would make for Hannah and I.

 Momma totally supports Dad's love for Blue Bell ice cream.
 Momma totally loves it when Luke and I do ridiculous things to embarrass her! She secretly thinks we are hilarious! :)
 There are far too many of these now that we live all over the place - but it makes our hellos that much sweeter! The times we are all together as a family are incredible treasures that we do not take for granted.
 She will even join in on our game playing, even though it is not always her favorite thing. But she loves us so much, she'll play!
 Christmas 2012 will be a new season for us with two of the kiddos married (Luke is the second one. No, there is no big announcement on this side). I love it when it is the "Spencer" year for Christmas.
 Sweet friends with momma

 Thanks for teaching us to play cards and laughing as we play in random places, like airports
 This is a classic Luke pose with mom around. It makes me laugh every time!
 Family time

 I've been told I look like Momma. Thanks, Mom!
 Sweet family time
 Mom is always willing to go to crazy places with us, even when it requires dressing parkas. Plus, she had to keep Hannah safe as she was preggo in this pic.
 Mom is a HUGE support to dad in the children's ministry. When they came to Panama, she jumped right in to helping me in Sunday school. That's my momma! Thanks for loving Jesus well.
 She even loves it when we do crazy things in hospital hallways...
 like when Luke dresses like a snuggie monk.
 I love watching Momma in this new season of her life as a Granny. Charlie Belle is blessed for you to be her Granny!
 I love watching you and Daddy together!
 Your laugh makes us all laugh! It's one of the reasons we act so crazy, so that we can get you laughing hysterically!
 Seriously, one of my favorite pictures ever. Such a sweet representation of a Godly heritage.

 Another one of momma's hidden skills is her outdoor, planting, gardening abilities. Hannah and I have sweet (literally) memories of the garden on the farm. Mom still loves to plant flowers every year and now living in the country again, planting edible garden treats.
 She loves it when Luke and I act crazy and take nutty pictures and then she laughs at them!
 She thinks our acting abilities are hysterical (again, we do it just to make her laugh)

 We also try to make Momma cry at different points. It's because she has a sweet, tender heart!

 Thanks for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and being present at those big moments!
 Thanks for being willing to travel the world to be with your family.

 Thanks for loving us when we are "normal"
 and when we are goofy
and for always being our momma.

We love you dearly!!!
Can't wait to see you again soon! Lots of love and hugs!!!

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