Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moving mattress, Air Conditioning, and Key Cards

Jess and I had quite the adventure with our hotel room in Contadora. Our room had two beds - one twin under the AC and a double in the middle of the room. 

We started off in Room 36. It was all fun and games until we came back in the afternoon and Jess's bed under the AC was wet. The air was leaking onto her bed. 

Off to the front desk we went, receiving assurances that the man would come to check it out. 
Jess went off to the beach and I stayed on our deck for some Jesus time alone and the AC man showed up. 
He tried a few things, including sawing the outside pipe in half so the water would drain outside. He then said to let it run for a few hours and it should be fine. 

Went to dinner on the fun golf cart, Jess and I pretend fought with chess pieces, had our feet nearly attacked by a friendly restaurant crab, and laughed a lot. Upon our return, Jess's bed was still wet from the earlier leaking, so we "borrowed" the twin mattress from Kara and Bill's room. 

This picture is from Kara's blog post on our adventure

While this seemed like a brilliant plan at the time, it wasn't enough. I went to sleep and Jess went to the lobby to check internet. Upon her return, she realized that the AC was leaking again on her bed. Mattress #2 was now wet too. 

Next day, we went back to the front desk to ask for a different room. They obliged us and we moved over to room 34. We seriously packed up within 5 minutes. Over we moved, the maintenance guys were there, so the door was opened for us, so we moved right in. 

When we came back to our room several hours later after spending time at the beach, exploring, etc, we tried to open our door and it kept blinking red.  Back to the front desk we went. Instead of giving us a new key card, the desk lady comes to us and says that our room key is for 34, but doesn't always work. She tried it and couldn't get it. Kara tried asking her for the master key card to at least get us in the room, but she seemed confused by the request. We go to the front desk again and are given a new key card by the manager. The number says 33 on it, but we are assured it is for our room. 

It worked, we were relieved, and our room hopping stopped. 

You just never know what might happen on vacation! It brought good times, fun laughs, and a great anticipation for what might come up next! 

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