Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ode to Charlie Belle

It's been a while since I've written about that super baby whom I love and adore. Right before I left to come back to Panama in February, I sat in the airport crying my eyes out and wrote down a list of things I wanted to remember about her. This was my list.

When I see you in 32 days, will you still...
*Yawn so big your eyes squinch shut?
 * Have those gorgeous big blue orbs staring back at me?
 * Sleep all snuggled up with your head on my shoulder and your little fist pushed up under your chin?

* Fold your little hands and feet?

* Have that precious little dimple on the right side of your cheek?
* Smile that darling little mouth?

* Coo and gurgle as you lay on the floor and play on your many blankets?
* Sneeze with all your might?
* Be a strong kicker, especially with your right side (even though I always secretly held out hope that you just might be a left hander)?

* Have your adorable little sprigs of red hair?

* Wrap your long, slender fingers around my fingers?
* Stare up with your wide eyes and slow blink when you get drowsy?

* Stretch your little, long self out as far as you can reach down on floor or in your crib?
* Push yourself up on my shoulder to look around?
* Follow your momma and daddy around the room with your eyes?

Your Tia Abby can't wait to see you and watch how you have continued to grow and change! I love you, baby girl! I love you, sweet Charlie Belle!

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