Monday, May 21, 2012

To Reveal, Unveil, To Show

*Disclaimer - if you read to see pictures, you will be sadly disappointed by this post! 
 * Second disclaimer, I decided to put in a photo, because I thought of it throughout the writing! :)

Revelation - it's the ending theme and unit to our formal Bible classes this year.

One of my FAVORITE things about teaching at a Christian school is teaching Bible. Not just the "class", but teaching how to think Biblically about all aspects of life, aka developing a Christian worldview. It is my hot button and I'll get all fired up about it and throw down some "Texas flair" (a title given by a sweet friend to these expressive outbursts).

Every year that I have taught upper grades, the questions tend to lead towards discussion on end times, the return of Jesus, what happens next, why will God judge the earth, etc. Every year I have wanted to spend weeks studying this fascinating topic from the perspective of Scripture. Throughout the year, we'll tackle questions as they come up, but the curriculum, scope and sequences, and plans necessitate finishing what is laid out.

Fortunately, our formal Bible program is much shorter than our school year. So for the next three weeks, we are going to go hard-core, in-depth into the book of Revelation. The kids are psyched and so am I!

I was talking to my sweet friend, Jen, last night and she was discussing her ideas for finishing Bible for the year too. I showed her what I was putting together and we decided to combine classes to go through Revelation. (Her kiddos this year were my kiddos for three different grades, so they are sort of my babies too! :)
(Whoa, Jen, this is an old picture!!! Year three, I think!!!)

Today was day one of jumping headfirst into Revelation. We are going chapter by chapter, verse by verse and sticking to the text.

I don't know what the Holy Spirit is going to teach the students, but I am learning a TON! We started this morning with handouts (yes, I am the nerdy learner who loves handouts with fill in the blanks, so we are using ones that I'm writing - side note, I didn't make a master for myself, so I'm looking at one of the blanks and wracking my brain to remember what I had thought to put there!:)

I'm gonna admit, it was a late night, but so good, and I was feeling the lateness this morning. Starting off the day, digging into the Word, pursuing what I love with the Lord, was EXACTLY what I needed!

Y'all need to know that when the Holy Spirit gets going in Bible, I get a little excited (ok, maybe a lot!). It can involve raised voice, jumping up and down, singing songs, exuberant answers to questions, wild excitement about maps (yes, I love those too), enthusiasm at making connections to other passages of Scripture, etc.

It's definitely a shot in the rear for me in continuing to search the Scriptures, to get into the Word, to be in awe at the wonder of God's working throughout what "was, and is and is to come".

Already we started with some great questions, some of them antsy to move more quickly!

If it comes to your mind, pray for the Holy Spirit to be moving in the classes we will have together. Pray that I would get out of the way and speak what God has revealed through Scripture. Pray that the eyes of those who do not believe would be opened to truth and to Jesus. Pray that those who follow Jesus would be encouraged to live with reckless abandon for Him no matter what the cost.

I'm excited to see what the Lord will do! Cautious and fighting in prayer because this a spiritual battle as well.

We ended our first lesson with this song. In chapter 1, verse 7, (ESV), it ends with "Even so. Amen."

Ever since I first studied Revelation on my own and really looked at the last chapter where it ends with a similar message - "Even so, come, Lord Jesus.", the song, "It Is Well" has taken on a deeper and richer meaning.
What a sweet way to worship the King - in sorrow or joy, forgiven of sin, and eagerly awaiting His return.

So I wait, in eager anticipation, of what is to come in the next 14 school days.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Love it! What a great way to end the year. Oh, that God will work in their hearts and reveal Himself!