Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Gathering of Past and Present

Yes, I know I am SUPER behind on blogging, but welcome to the last few weeks of life at the end of a school year! 

Classes ended on Friday, but the mayhem has not yet ceased. There is LOTS to blog about, but it will have to come in pieces. 

Two weeks ago, sweet friends from last year came to Panama to reunite with us, to celebrate a wedding, to celebrate with our seniors, and to reconnect with life here in Panama. It was a precious time laughter, life, and celebration! 

Here is a little peek into that time! 

 Erica's back! She still is her little-hilarious-posing-self!!!!
 Love these sweet women!
 TJ and Caleb showed up wearing the exact same outfit! Hilarious!
 Lots of baby and kid loving and sweet fellowship this night!

 Meeting up at the mall for some Grendha shoe-shopping!!! 
Rica and I used to go to Albrook Mall just to look for Grendha's!!! So fun to do it again!
 Graduation night!! No, Morg isn't graduating, but we had to take a picture!!!
 Tanner and Debbie speaking
 Caleb - special guest speaker!
 Love this picture of little Abby and Cheryl
 Look at those handsome, growing men!
 Debbie has become a precious friend. We have had many sweet talks about college, education, teaching, etc. So proud of who the Lord is making her to be!
 Hurray, Celina!
 Dalton interrogating Jake
 Some 650 girls back together again!!!
Sweet times to have together again, new memories, and the hope of heaven! 

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