Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OUT Season Finale Party

During our semana santa trip, I heard repeatedly from Cheryl, Rebecca, and Jess about this fabulous show called "Once Upon a Time". I heard them watching an episode outside one morning and the groans of frustration when it ended with a cliffhanger. They informed Mami and I that the season finale was scheduled for May 13 and that we MUST catch up to watch it and have a party for it.

So Mami and I started watching. It became quite addicting. It's a fun take on fairy tales, with crazy twists and turns. I would write on Cheryl's wall about the madness. Soon, Allison joined in on the fun, too!

As May 13 approached, we decided that there would indeed be a finale party with a fairy-tale theme. We tried to think of creative fairy-tale themed foods, but that became quite difficult. Seriously, who wants to eat porridge or bread crumbs while at a friendly gathering? (I could not think of many other foods!)

Allison wins the prize for creatively titled and AMAZING fairy-tale themed food. Her "Allison Wonderland Mushroom Soup" was INCREDIBLE!!!!! She and Mike also win the prize for best-dressed at our little gathering.

* Pictures are not of the highest quality, but the people in them are!
 Allison's amazing "Allison Wonderland Soup" (I'm not sure if she intended the play on the words, but I love it!)
 This is how we watch television in our place. Hurray for ustvnow and for the loan of the Richardson tele and projector cables!

 It's on!!! Everyone quiet!
 Seriously, people on the edges of seats, it is that intense!

I wish this picture were clearer, but it was serious reaction to something that happened! We are very involved watchers.

 After the show reflections, ponderings, musings for the upcoming season.

Such a fun evening! So thankful for sweet friends to share something so trivial with and to find one more excuse to hang out together! Excited to watch next season with y'all!

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