Thursday, June 28, 2012

Real-Life Baby Doll

If you are a female reading this, perhaps it will connect with you. If not, then enjoy a trip down my memory lane.

Remember being a little girl? Were you obsessed with your dollies? Hannah and I loved playing with our dollies. Mostly, we played house with our dollies, of course using our other favorite toy, the kitchen set. (The kitchen set will be a whole other blog post)
 When I arrived in Nashville, Hannah told me that I could dress Charlie Belle however I wanted each day. I knew she was referring back to how we would dress up our dollies for fun! Though I haven't gone too crazy with the dressing up, it has been fun to put her in little clothes and dress up our real-life "doll".
 This headband was her first gift from Tia Abby. As soon as I found out baby was a girl, I got online and ordered this for her. LOVE IT!!!
 The best thing about CB is that she is an interactive little one to play with, unlike our dollies.
 Her facial expressions make up laugh. She is a hoot!
 Her big blue orbs are darling and so fun to watch!
She is learning to sit up and loves playing with her little feet.

 Hannah and I were talking about dolls the other day and the hours we spent playing with them. Our favorite dolls were the ones Mom had made us. Yes, she made us each a doll that she would make clothes that matched ours. Yes, she is amazing!
 I remember friends coming over to play and being aghast that our dolls had no faces or hair. We never thought about it, because we could imagine what they looked like and each day they could "look" different in our minds. You knew which side was front and back because they were made to "sit up", so the feet would point in a specific direction.
 My other favorite doll was what I called "soft doll". She was a gift from Grandma Jean and I loved her!  I found out today that the correct title was "My Child" dolls. Let me just tell you that it is a little disconcerting to find out that your favorite doll is now considered vintage and costs a LOT on ebay. Who knew???? I couldn't find one that looked like mine (or at least what I remember her looking like in my mind). This was the best I could come up with that was most like soft doll. She wasn't this blond and I don't think she had bangs. Except she might have to start, but I do remember cutting off some of her hair in the front. What can I say? I had an aunt who was a hair dresser and I wanted to be like her!
Hannah and I looked for a doll for Charlie Belle, but couldn't find just the right one. They just don't make dolls like they used to anymore. Now they have to "do" something or talk. We are trying to commission Mom to make one for CB, just like the ones we had once upon a time.

I wonder if they are still around. I may have to do some basement hunting later on this summer!
In the meantime, I'm going to soak up all the time I have with our real-life "doll" - Charlie Belle.

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