Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Relatives and Visitors

One of my favorite things about living in a foreign country is that you never know when you will get visitors!

In the middle of May, I received a facebook message from a relative (one of my mom's many cousins). She was about to go to Bolivia on a medical mission trip and had a day layover in Panama on the return at the beginning on June. She asked if it would be possible for us to meet up, along with the others in the group

Seriously, I LOVE having guests and getting to show them around Panama! It is such a treat to show them around this amazing country that I get to call home. I've been on the receiving end of being in a town or country where I have been blessed by those I stayed with or was put in touch with for a few hours.

We came up with a plan. They brought a taxi to school, talked with my students briefly about their trip, and attended chapel with us. While we finished the school day, my sweet roommate, Jessica, dropped them off at the Miraflores Canal Museum/Visitors Center. After dismissal (12:30 because it was Wednesday), I headed over to pick them up. We piled in the car and headed to the Causeway for lunch and a great view of the city.

A storm was starting to roll in, but the rain held off and we enjoyed a lovely lunch and some ice cream afterwards. It was such a joy to meet extended family and be able to share just a little of this amazing place God allows me to call home!

 Mary, Dan, and I on the Causeway
Y'all are welcome back anytime!!!!

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