Thursday, June 21, 2012


A sweet friend in Panama is Kara. Our story of meeting is totally the Lord's work.

I met her at church through Mr. Forester. He introduced her so she could get to know people her own age. We agreed to meet at Pan y Canela that week and chat. At that meeting, Kara was kind enough to give me wooden stakes for Walkathon signs that I had to put up. That was a few years ago and now Kara's time in Panama is nearly over! :(

Kara and Bill have a fabulous dog, Ubi. Yes, it may be an usual name, but if you spend time around Kara, you will soon learn that the name comes from a 1986 board game. So, Kara has wanted to have an Ubi gathering for years and it finally happened!

 We chatted and talked before we played. (Kara - do you remember what you were writing down???)
 This is the famous game we've heard about!
 An addictive Gang of Four game began before we could get going with Ubi (if you were in Panama the last few weeks of the school year, you may be familiar with the madness! :)
 Kara giving us the instructions.
 Basically, this game takes trivia (based around 1986 or earlier) and you have to answer using the coordinates of a map for your answer. We played on teams, which was SUPER smart because some of us are just more skilled in the 80's than others (cough, Jess, cough, Kara!)
 I love maps!!!!!! That was my favorite part and using the little finder thingy!!!!
 So much fun!!!
 Yes, there was much guessing and lots of, "Who knows this stuff?" It made for a very entertaining evening!
We had a blast!

Thanks, Kara and Bill, for sharing your game with us! We are excited for what the Lord has next for y'all. We will miss you lots in Panama!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the Ubi party, Abby! It was fun to share my game with you. In the picture, I was writing names to divide up the teams while we waited. I'm very thankful that the Lord forced us to meet! (It was Mrs. Forester - she felt sorry for me every week, I think). Miss you!!