Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All about Daddy

So for Mother's Day, I posted all about my momma here.

Since I missed Father's Day (at least for blogging), I decided to wait until today, which is Daddy's birthday!!!!!

The pictures uploaded in a weird order, so here we go. 

 Dad has always been one of my biggest supporters about going after whatever the Lord has in front of me (and mom too!). I asked him in high school what I should do with my life and he wouldn't tell me! Instead, he asked about my passions, gifts, and what I thought the Lord wanted from me. So wise! What's funny to me now is that he asked me that day (I remember it clearly) if I wanted to go into children's ministry like him. I said no, but something with kids. Little did I know that 12 years later I would be in a children's ministry position at a church full-time, just like him.
 Daddy is fun-loving and like a big kid! We love to play games and he will play Cranium (for example) with us kids, even though it's not his favorite game.
 This picture makes me laugh outloud! He was doing toe-touches, so I took a picture because it made us laugh! That's my dad!
 One thing I remember about being in high school (and many other times) is that Dad has been like a dad to many other kids. Some whose dads aren't around or have to be gone for long periods of time or to other kids who don't have a dad who loves Jesus in their life. I love that his heart is wired to love others well!
 One of my friends has asked Dad to be her "Interviewer" of all potential husbands, because she knows he takes that very seriously! He, of course, said yes!
 Dad helped develop a love for baseball in all of his children. His team is the Cardinals and we went to Cardinal games back in the Ozzie Smith days!
 Dad and I will go to Starbucks together. Our most-frequented Starbucks is the one at the Dulles Airport where we usually head after checking in the luggage. He gets the tall drip and I get the tall hot chocolate!
 Dad has a gift for befriending people. He has an incredible ability to talk with anyone (literally, he can make friends all over the place). This is definitely a gift that Hannah has taken after from Dad.
 Oh Blue Bell! My Daddy loves ice cream, but not just any ice cream - Blue Bell is his brand of choice! His favorite flavors include: strawberries and cream, vanilla, and probably the top one - Homemade Blackberry Cobbler.

 This is the quintessential dad expression when he says goodbye to us. This is the same face when he greets his kids, but with a big smile. Dad has always told us that we are never to big to hug or to sit on his lap.

He knows!

 Almost three years ago, Dad and I went to Togo, Africa together to lead a children's program for missionary kids. It was the first time I had worked with my dad in children's ministry as an adult. It was a sweet time of learning together, seeing a new culture, and teaching. I'm so grateful for that experience and the things we learned and saw!

 Dad is always up for adventure! When we were kids, he would go on the rollercoasters and tall waterslides with us! Why? Because he liked it too!

 Adventure can also include snow skiing - that's Pappy with the awesome furry hat!
(Hannah, Luke, dad, and Ben)
 He took Hannah and I skiing for the first time right after Luke was born (we were 7 and 5). While we didn't go every year, we still enjoy going any chance we get.
 The fingerprints of God are all over my dad's life. He was an agriculture major in college and worked for many years on the family farm. Dad was obedient and followed the Lord into ministry not long after Luke was born. Sometimes I marvel at all that God has done all because of Dad and Mom's obedience to do something "crazy" and start our lives in a whole different way!
 Dad loves leading trips to Israel. It's probably the part of his job I am most jealous!! This is his normal teaching time at the springs where Gideon looked for the men to take into battle. Dad always demonstrates the two types as he discusses the Scripture passages.
 Wearing his leader hat and jacket - his Israel uniform

 This is my Daddy with his Dad.
 Some of our Israel friends!!!
 Dad has made his family a priority. He and Mom have always tried to be at every major event in our lives. I'm so thankful for that and for the sweet memories those times have provided!

 Teachable moments - that's my dad. He and Luke have a really cool relationship (different than he does with his girls, which is good!). I'm thankful for Uncle Terry (pictured here) who invested in my dad's life spiritually.
 In meeting and befriending people, Dad has a gift of remembering people's names (not that he needs to remember these sweet friends' names). Seriously! We run into people I haven't seen in YEARS and Dad will remember their names, the kids' names, etc. It's incredible!
 This is every Christmas morning my entire life - the reading of Luke 2 and Matthew 1.
 Probably one of my favorite pictures ever of Dad's face! The proud Pappy after his first glimpse of his namesake - Charlie Belle (Belle is not part of Dad's name)
 I love how Dad has established a neat bond with the in-laws (Ben and Abby). It's an amazing thing to watch!
 When Mom and Dad came to visit me in Panama, I brought them to Sunday school with me. They jumped right in and helped out!
 LOVE THIS!! It is so fun watching Dad go into Grandfatherly mode - precious!
 Coffee tour - Dad is the only one in our family who likes coffee.  This also makes him grateful for the additions of Ben and Abby who also love coffee.
 Dad still loves my momma and I treasure that!
 Sweet man
 We have to steal that baby away from him! :)
Daddy and his girls being silly

 One of Dad's gifts is compassion and that is what this picture shouts at me.

 This is what it looked like every time we left CB with Pappy. She wound up being held while sleeping (ok, yes, I do it too)
 The two Charlies
 Love this face! He is so funny!
 Yes, making him play Cranium
His favorite - sculpt-a-rades!

 Still a farm-man at heart - Carhartt

This was the first time I left to come to Panama - July 2006. This is pre-bursting-into-tears photo.

Dad - you'll never truly know how much I love you. You are a gift from God that I rejoice in greatly! Thank you for being a listening ear, giver of wisdom, and encourager in the faith.

Happy Birthday!

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