Monday, August 13, 2012

An Office, a Chair, a List, and Observations

It's a new day! It's my first "real" day on the new job. I'm all alone in the children's office and have a lot to do!

It's interesting to be in a place so familiar, but in a whole new world at the same time! The morning started with being the first one on this side of the building in the office. I soaked up the quiet and enjoyed some time with the Lord in Scripture, silence, and prayer. So sweet!

This is the first time in my life I've had an office! In college, I worked in the admissions department (my first year) and had a little cubicle to make those annoying "we want you at our school" calls! (Yes, I was one of those!). But that's not quite the same as having your actual, own office.
It's weird, but fun!

I'm trying to stay focused on my to-do list and not get so excited about making it Abby-esque, though I did put out a few things.
Can you spot some Abby-esque things???

There are several things I learned today being in an office: 

* The office is cold. A sweater or jacket will be necessary!
* I get to see kiddos in the hallways and get sweet hugs even though I am not in the classroom! (Probably one of my favorite things!)
* If I leave the office to get water, go to the bathroom, etc, I may not return for 30 minutes! This again might be a favorite. I can stop and talk to people and invest in relationships without feeling the pressure of "my break ends in 10 minutes and I have to prep for the next thing".  This is a gift!
* I like to-do lists (and fun clipboards)! It makes the things that I need to get done seem less-overwhelming if I can break it down! So thankful!

* My chair is very comfortable!
* I get to hear the Christmas Cantata's music as a sneak preview! They were recording the demo outside of the office door. Good thing I so enjoy Christmas music!
* I may be utilizing online radio or grooveshark more as I went through several albums on my itunes today!
* I can drink as much water as I want and not have to ration it out based on my breaks. Wahoo!

* The people I am privileged to work with are amazing! Thankful for laughter and encouragement!
* It will be fun having people stop by the office and talking! Love the interaction! It's very different being inside after being in the far reaches of the school in the portables.
*I've learned that older copier machines hate Mac computers and do not like to work with them. I'm cool with that though. I would rather use my Mac sans copier than use a PC. Thankful to have one form of printing, even if it's not to the copier.
* My life does not run on a bell system. Even though the elementary school doesn't follow all of the bells, there are still bells we must follow. It's the first time in a LONG time that I'm not listening for the beginning bell, devotional bell, or the dismissal bell. Yes, I can still hear them, but my schedule isn't run by them. 
* This may be TMI, so if you don't like gross things, perhaps you should skip this part.......................

Did you skip it or are you still reading??? I gave you the chance to if you wanted. Because of the illness I've been fighting, there have been many times the need to cough up mucus has occurred. Today I learned that because there are fewer people around (ie: no students watching your every move) that if you have mucus to spit into the garbage can that even if it hangs out of your mouth and that panicky feeling of "Oh my, please just get out of my mouth already before someone sees me" comes that there is no need to sweat about it. (One, because my office is cold, so sweat is not happening).

 Those are my lessons for today.

I'm sure there are many more things I will learn about having an office and such. I'm thankful for a sweet first day. There are specific things I've been praying for and today I saw the Lord answer some very particular requests. He continues to woo my heart and remind me of His constant faithfulness.

Excited to see what is next!

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