Friday, August 10, 2012

Current Life Update

Yes, we all made it back from Peru!!! Unbelievable journey, growing time, and incredible new friendships developed during that time!

There will be plenty of blog posts about the time in Peru coming!

The summer was filled with lots of sweet times with family and lots of time with this ridiculously cute baby!
Wow, I miss her!!! So thankful for all the time to spend with family this summer!

Since being back, I have been training with Pastor Andrew to transition into the role of children's ministry director at church. Lots of learning, note taking, praying, and processing. I've been super blessed with lots of encouragement, a great team, and am excited about what is to come!

During the past three weeks, I've been battling some coughing that progressively got worse. I was able to go to the doctor a few days ago and found out I have bronchitis. So thankful for good health insurance, good doctor who spoke English (found out his niece was in my class last year! Small world!), medicine, and rest!
The doctor told me not to go into work, so I got this handy-dandy certificate. First time I've had one of these! This is called a memory-maker! :)

Lots to come! Thanks for all of you who were praying all last week while in Mancora! I'm so excited to share what happened in future posts!

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