Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ice Cream, Girl Time, Games, Potatoes, and Laughs

It's been a mad whirlwind since being back from Peru. The time in Mancora feels like a lifetime ago, which makes my heart sad!

Sweet friend Kara hosted an ice cream party night to use up some of her ingredients in her cabinets before she moves.
:( Sad face for Kara moving.

I think my camera battery died before a group photo! :)

 Look at all those yummy toppings!!!!
 Yes, many chocolate flavored yummy things!!!

Tonight we had several of the new "single" teachers over to get to know them. We had a Baked Potato themed dinner with lots of yummy things for the potatoes! Lots of laughing occurred and it was fun!
 Cheryl and Amber made sure the coolies were delicious before serving them to us! Thanks for making sure we were safe!
 We had an AC "accident". Crazy thing wouldn't stop peeing all over the floor while we had guests!
 Playing Catch Phrase (The new one that was on clearance at Target this summer!) So many fun new things to guess. (Sister, pretty sure we could still dominate at the new one, although not the way we dominate at Taboo. That's the next game on my list).
 First attempt at a group picture - told y'all this one could turn out fun!!
 There we go.
Amber, Jess, Danae, Esther, Cheryl, Laura, Abby, Julie, and Mami

So blessed by sweet people in my life.

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